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You are perfect just the way you are!
Safe Schools Coalition's Public Services Announcements

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Listen online right here:

These are four wonderful 60 and 30 second public service announcements by Coalition friends
Steve Schalchlin
and Jim Brochu http://www.jimbrochu.com/.

To download, right mouse click on the word 'here' below & select 'save link as'.

  • Jim Brochu's 60 second PSA as an mp3 file here. (941kb)

  • Steve Schalchlin's 60 second PSA as an mp3 file here. (941kb)

  • Jim Brochu's 30 second PSA mp3  as an file here. (471kb)

  • Steve Schalchlin's 30 second PSA as an mp3  file here. (471kb)

  • All four PSAs in one zipped file here. (2,796 kb).

WOW! Thank you Steve Schalchlin and Jim Brochu!


Also, if you are a station that does 10 second live announcement PSAs, here is the copy you could use:

You are perfect just the way you are! Every student deserves a safe school regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation. Get resources for students, families and teachers at

Thank you Ethan St. Pierre for the idea of creating these -- and to TransFM Internet Broadcasting Network for running our PSAs!

And thank you to these radio stations who have told us they will run our PSAs in some form:

  KGO am810, San Francisco, CA  
  KPTK am1090, Seattle, WA  

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