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Survey Tools
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GSA Network/PFLAG Olympia Survey: Safe Schools Coalition encourages Gay-Straight Alliances and other student groups to survey your peers. Use this survey to gather data for educating administrators, staff, parents and the student body about what is really happening at your school. Page 1 of this document has tips for using the survey which is on page 2. The survey was created by PFLAG-Olympia board member; Kaleigh Costello, and was inspired by GSA Network  It is posted on the Safe Schools Coalition website with permission. http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org/FreeHelpSurveyingYourSchool.pdf (pdf format)

Measuring sexual orientation in adolescent health surveys: Evaluation of eight school-based surveys.

Some 2007 results from Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Youth Risk Behavior Surveys re: sexual orientation, gender(s) of partner(s) and anti-LGBTQ harassment are available online


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