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Individual Diversity and Anti-harassment Consultants and Trainers in Washington State 
(all of whom can incorporate anti-homophobia messages in their work)
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Cristien Storm offers trainings for activists to increase resiliency by learning to identify, heal from, and prevent secondary trauma in human rights/social justice work.  In addition, Cristien runs If You Don't They Will, a Seattle partnership providing support for communities responding to hate. If You Don't They Will trains individuals and organizations, youth groups, music clubs, schools, and community members, how to effectively identify and counter white nationalism. Website:  http://www.ifyoudonttheywill.com; Cristien is also a therapist with a private practice in Seattle. Phone: 206-769-3160; Website: http://www.cristienstorm.com

Marsha Botzer  provides assistance to business, government, educational institutions, interested private groups, and the psychological and medical communities on issues of gender identity and gender transition in the workplace. Email: MBotzer@BotzerConsulting.com; Website: http://www.BotzerConsulting.com  

Sheila Capestany has been offering cultural diversity training since 1988 in a variety of public and not for profit organizations, including, since 1996, Seattle Public Schools. She holds both Master of Public Health and Master of Social Work degrees and was most recently employed as legislative staff to Seattle City Councilmember Richard Conlin. Currently she works at home raising her infant son. Phone: 206-722-6976; Email: scapestany@comcast.net

Tracy Flynn, MA.Ed.  has over 20 years experience as a trainer, educator and facilitator including adjunct faculty at several universities.  Previously she worked as a Health Curriculum Specialist with the Seattle Public Schools,  was the Training Director with the National CASA Association, a national non-profit providing grants, technical assistance and training in the foster care system and Director of Training at Planned Parenthood of Western Washington. She has trained and taught in a wide variety of settings. Her expertise includes; cultural competency, anti-harassment, HIV, mandatory reporting, child development and reproductive/sexual health, leadership, strategic planning, teaching and facilitation skills. Phone: 206.200.7315; Email: tracy@tracyflynnconsulting.com

Hye-Kyung Kang currently teaches at Antioch University in the Graduate Program of Psychology and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Social Welfare at the University of Washington. She has worked as a counselor, community organizer, consultant and trainer for the past 13 years, and for Seattle Public Schools since 1996. Email: hyekyung@u.washington.edu

David Sarju provides consultation, coaching and training to organizations (including Seattle Public Schools) seeking to enhance teamwork and productivity. He specializes in improving communication, preventing and addressing conflict. David coaches and trains managers and teams, mediates and facilitates teamwork issues, evaluates organizational health ad investigates claims of workplace misconduct, including harassment claims. Email: sarju@uswest.net

Emily Stern, a.k.a. Spider offers 1-3 hour long interactive workshop about AIDS, safe sex, and sexual stigmas.  She says, "I create a space for people to interact on a personal level, consider the many contributing factors surrounding HIV/AIDS, and share their stories within a facilitated discussion. My mother died from complications of AIDS in 1993.  She contracted HIV by not having safe-sex.  Her death was a catalyst for me to share her story, my memories and family photographs, and combine it with my knowledge about HIV/AIDS, self-defense, gender, the affects of sexual stigmas, oppression, and the possible link between self-esteem and STD's." Email: shehas8@hotmail.com; Phone: 360-236-1279; Website: http:www.emilystern.com 

Dennis Torres works at the University of Washington's HIV Prevention Trials Unit (HPTU) as the Community Education Coordinator.  He does trainings on HIV prevention research updating the community on the advances made toward an HIV vaccine as well as other research including behavioral interventions and microbicides.  Dennis has been working in HIV/AIDS education since 1988, and since 1992 has been working with the Seattle Public Schools on HIV/AIDS updates as well as facilitating puberty discussions among 5th graders and their parents. Dennis is fluent in Spanish (his first language) and in English. Email: ditorres@u.washington.edu

Leticia Lopez is a private consultant with experience in young women’s empowerment, leadership development, training [anti-bias, anti-racism] and the use of theater as a tool for social change and education. Phone: 206-729-8240, Email: lopez@serv.net

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