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Traveling Photo Exhibits and Theater Troupes
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1+1=3 Youth Theatre: This award winning theater troupe uses playback techniques, forum, improvisation, and scripted plays to address the needs of youth. Through "active" performance, the troupe strives to create peer to peer dialogue about difficult teen issues. Themes often explore "allyship" and the "bystander role" to combat harassment and build positive culture in schools. Example Health Related Learning Objectives: 1) Participants will be able to identify common reasons for harassment and intimidation including bias for/against a difference in: race, family background, language, sexual orientation, 'size/weight" issues, "class/monetary" issues, religion or lack or religion, gender expression, and ability/disability. 2) Participants will discuss the importance and power of the "bystander" role in bullying/harassment prevention.  3) Participants will explore and attempt to find solutions to common problem behaviors of intimidation, bullying, rumors, and isolation. For more information contact artistic director Tim McLeod: Email: Tim.Mcleod@ppgnw.org; Phone:  360-754-1556.

The Heartsparkle Players: Workshops and performances for teens using Playback Theatre and other interactive theatre techniques that are experiential and informational emphasizing creative exploration, building empathy and compassion and skill-building. Topics can include: Conflict Resolution; Dating Violence; Decision-Making; Sexual Identity; Bullying; Diversity and Sexual Harassment. Great for teens who do not want to be given the answer, but instead want to be guided in expressing their thoughts, opinions, and feelings so that they can make positive choices for themselves. Web site: http://www.heartsparkle.org. To schedule them to come to your school or for more information contact Debe Edden: 360-943-6772

High Contrast: Shades of Our Identities ... A photo-narrative exhibit by youth and for youth. A group of LGBTQQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning) and straight ally youth created High Contrast to be used as an organizing tool for GSAs and a curriculum tool for teachers. This exhibit uses art as a means for change -- to show people what they may not choose to see, to incite dialogue, and to inspire transformation. The project's young creators say, "We don't want anyone to leave thinking 'This isn't my issue.' Because there are so many shades to our identities. Because we all deserve to be safe enough to learn." People who are interested in bringing High Contrast to their school or organization for the 2004-2005 school year should contact, Sean Saifa Wall at 415.552.4229 or email saifa@gsanetwork.org. Web site: <http://www.gsanetwork.org/highcontrast/index.html> ... High School+

Institute for Community Leadership: Exciting, energizing, interactive youth-driven workshops -- one-shot events and semester-long programs addressing non-violence, respect for differences, and personal as well as community responsibility. If a requestor wanted them to address homophobia specifically, you would need to express that. Methodologies include poetry 'slams," modeling of teamwork and of giving and receiving feedback. Phone: 206-720-1950; Web site: http://www.icleadership.org/; " Middle School+

Living Voices Theater Company: Offers multimedia performances about historical examples of prejudice (the Holocaust, the internment of Japanese-Americans, the experience of Northwest Native People as European-Americans began to arrive) followed by discussion. None of these pieces address gay issues per se, but each one demonstrates the horrors as well as the compassion of which humans are capable. Available nationally. Phone: 206-328-0798; Email: livingvoices@livingvoices.org ; Web site: http://www.livingvoices.org/ ... High School+

Love Makes A Family - Portraits of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People and their Families: a museum-quality traveling exhibit with photographs by Gigi Kaeser and interviews by Peggy Gillespie. Love Makes a Family challenges stereotypes about LGBT people and helps dismantle homophobia. The photo-text rental exhibit consists of ready-to-hang framed photographs and text. http://www.familydiv.org/lovemakesafamily.php  There is a companion book which was published in 1999 by the University of Massachusetts Press.  280 pp., 56 duotone illustrations 81/2" x 11" format. $40.00s cloth, ISBN 1-55849-160-0 $27.95t paper, ISBN 1-55849-161; http://www.umass.edu/umpress/fall_98/gillespieF98.html; Family Diversity Projects, PO Box 1246 Amherst, MA 01004; Phone: 413-256-0502; Fax: 413-253-3977; Email: info@familydiv.org 

Out & Elected in the U.S.A.: A touring photo and text documentary project about openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans serving in nearly every level of elected public office since 1974. The exhibit is housed as a resource on the OutHistory.org website where it can be previewed and can serve as an educational resource. Website: http://www.outhistory.org/wiki/Out_and_Elected_in_the_USA:_1974-2004  For information on a touring exhibit version of the collection, contact Ron Schlittler at rlschlittler@verizon.net.

Pioneering Voices: Portraits of Transgender People: A traveling photo-text exhibit from the organization that brought us Love Makes a Family: Portraits of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People and their Families (above). The photo-text rental exhibit consists of 15 ready-to-hang framed photographs and accompanying text panels. It was created under the auspices of Family Diversity Projects by Smith College intern, Jack Pierson, who took the photographs and interviewed the individuals. Peggy Gillespie, Editor-In-Chief of Family Diversity Projects collaborated with Jack Pierson to create the interview text. Check out this new exhibit and all the wonderful traveling exhibits they produce (about people with mental illness, disabilities, multi-racial families, and more) here: http://www.familydiv.org/

Pioneering Voices is a museum-quality traveling exhibit including photographs and interviews with people of all ages who are transgender and some of their partners and children. Through first-person accounts and positive images, this exhibit seeks to challenge damaging myths and stereotypes about transgender people and to educate people about this marginalized, and often invisible group of people. This exhibit explores the many aspects of gender identity and variance by sharing these important, ground-breaking stories with the general public, who might not be knowledgeable about people who are transgender. At the same time, this exhibit celebrates a range of views, opinions, and experiences that are unique and empowering to transgender people everywhere. At the most basic level, Pioneering Voices combats transphobia by breaking silence and making the invisible visible. By encouraging people of all ages to affirm and appreciate diversity, this traveling rental exhibit contributes to the process of dismantling the destructive power of prejudice and intolerance, thereby making the world a safer place for all individuals.

Taproot Theatre's Road Company: Offers plays focused on bullying and violence prevention. The plays are guided by some of the leading curricula on the topics, Committee for Children's 'steps to Respect" and 'second Step" programs. In addition to teaching students how to respond to bullying, the plays also teach students important lessons aimed at preventing harassment before it even starts. The Road Company's 2009/2010 touring repertoire features the brand new play Super School, which teaches kids about preventing violence and managing their emotions by presenting them with a story about superhero kids who aren"t allowed to use their superpowers on the playground. Taproot Theatre's Road Company has been touring dynamic social-issue plays to students throughout the Pacific Northwest since 1985. The Road Company reaches tens of thousands of students each year with productions that address relevant social issues and provide youth with safe steps to approach them. In addition to the touring productions, Taproot Theatre provides teachers" guides and resources to facilitate classroom discussion and increase the effectiveness of the message. The actors are also available for individual classroom visits. To book a show, contact Taproot's Director of Outreach at 206.529.3669 or touring@taproottheatre.org. To learn more, go to: http://www.taproot.org/school-assemblies/

That's So Gay: Portraits of Youth with LGBT Parents: A photo-text-art exhibit from COLAGE. This is the first exhibit created by youth with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender parents to promote visibility and raise awareness about their experiences and families. This photo-text exhibit features a diverse group of youth with LGBT parents from all around the country. COLAGE has made the exhibit available on CD so that it can be easily printed and displayed in community centers, libraries, and schools everywhere. On each CD is a file of printable images to make the exhibit and a complete Resource Guide to walk you through using the exhibit to have a powerful impact in your community. With all the talk about our families circulating in school and in the media and from the courthouse to the statehouse now is the perfect time and That's So Gay is the perfect tool to elevate and bring our voices to the forefront of our collective fight for justice and equality. To PREVIEW That's So Gay: Portraits of Youth with LGBT Parents, and check out additional resources and tools for raising awareness about people with LGBT parents, visit http://www.colage.org/ylap/. CD's are: FREE for COLAGE chapters, members, and youth groups; $15-99 sliding scale donation for non-members, schools and non-profit organizations; $100 - $200 sliding scale donation for corporations and businesses. COLAGE has a limited supply of pre-printed copies of the exhibit for sale. To order a CD or for more information: email thatssogay@colage.org or call 415-861-5437 x 102.

This Is Oz: Speak Up For An Inclusive Australia: is an online photo gallery where people can help fight discrimination against Australia's GLBT community. Part art project, part human rights campaign, This Is Oz is all about making Australia a place where everyone belongs. http://www.thisisoz.com.au/


YouthAware Educational Theatre: a program of  the New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco, CA - plays for young people that entertain, illuminate social issues, inspire and encourage healthier life choices. Offered at NCTC and on tour to Northern California schools and communities throughout the school year.  For more  information including producing a YouthAware theatre programs outside YouthAware's Northern California service area, contact Sara Staley, YouthAware Program Director at email: sara@nctcsf.org; phone: (415) 861-4914; website: http://www.nctcsf.org/YouthAware.html

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