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A gay man In The Civil Rights Movement: 11 min film free online. Bayard Rustin was an American civil rights activist, important largely behind the scenes in the civil rights movement. (NOTE: preceded by a very campy commercial.)

Creating Safer Schools for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth: A Resource for Educators Concerned with Equity: by Joanne Bacon (1999). This teaching resource, published by Education Wife Assault of Ontario, encourages students to make links between homophobia and other forms of oppression. and especially exploring the links between sexism and homophobia. To obtain a copy contact: Education Wife Assault. Email: publications@womanabuseprevention.com; Telephone: 416-968-3422.

Dealing with Difference: Opening Dialogue about Lesbian, Gay & Straight Issues: 35 min. video/DVD and accompanying curriculum from Human Relations Media and GLSEN, the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network. Go to http://www.hrmvideo.com/items.cfm?action=view&item_id=2484&type=&search_keywords=lesbian or http://www.glsen.org/cgi-bin/iowa/all/library/record/1566.html

Embracing Diversity: Educational Resources on Sexual Orientation: curriculum package, including resource and curriculum guides on CD-ROM, a series of slides featuring pictures from "The Shared Heart" book, a classroom poster, and a copy of the book "The Shared Heart," Adam Mastoon. $95.00 plus S&H. Liz Page Associates, 673 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02116, Phone: 617-267-2524, ... middle and high school available from Powells in Portland here or from Amazon here.

Flirting or Hurting? A Teacher's Guide on Student to Student Sexual Harassment in Grades 6-12: easy-to-use six-lesson curriculum –revised 1996, N. Stein and L. Sjostrom for Center for Research on Women, Wellesley College. Doesnâ't devote any whole activities to anti-gay bullying, but doesnâ't shy away from occasional homophobic examples where appropriate. Phone: 781-283-2500, Email:  Phone: 781-283-2500; Email: rkropf@wellesley.edu; Web site: http://www.wcwonline.org ... grades 6-12  

Imagine a world that is Free from fear: A Kindergarten to Grade 8 Resource Addressing Issues Relating to Homophobia and Heterosexism: by Elementary Teachersâ' Federation of Ontario (2004). This Canadian teaching resource presents thirty-two lessons, eight of each based on four interrelated themes: Pride and Self-Respect, Safe schools and Safe Communities, Anti-Bullying and Conflict Resolution and Relationships. The curriculum is designed to help students recognize biases, challenge homophobia and heterosexism and to build communities of acceptance. To obtain copies contact: Elementary Teachers' of Ontario; Suite 1000 - 480 University Avenue; Toronto, ON M5G 1V2; Telephone: 416-962-3836 or 1-888-838-3836; Fax: 416-642-2424; Website: http://shopetfo.etfo.ca/index.aspx?ItemBasisID=484

Lesson Plan: What Do 'Faggot' and 'Dyke' Mean?: This middle/high school lesson plan is rich with reading, discussion, journaling and other activities well-suited to the language arts classroom. It is now available on GLSEN's website in html format: http://www.glsen.org/cgi-bin/iowa/all/library/record/846.html or in pdf format (12 pages): http://www.glsen.org/binary-data/GLSEN_ATTACHMENTS/file/188-1.pdf (pdf format)

Let's Get Real: 35 minute video, 2004. Powerful documentary that examines a variety of issues that lead to taunting and bullying, including racial differences, perceived sexual orientation, learning disabilities, religious differences, sexual harassment and others. The film not only gives a voice to targeted kids, but also to kids who do the bullying to find out why they lash out at their peers and how it makes them feel. The most heartening part of Let's Get Real includes stories of kids who have mustered the courage to stand up for themselves or a classmate. Comes with a wonderful teacher's guide with weeks of lessons on all forms of bias-based bullying and how to stop them. From GroundSpark, the makers of It's Elementary and That's a Family! Phone: 415-641-4616; Contact form:http://www.groundspark.org/about/contactus_mailform.php?to=wem; Web site: http://www.groundspark.org/films/letsgetreal/  ... 5th grade (with guidance) and, especially, middle school to adult

NOTE: When Safe Schools Coalition supporters who purchase That's a Family! - or - Let's Get Real - or - Straightlaced, use the partner promotional code, N3GC28, the Coalition will get a much needed 10% rebate. We appreciate your donating to us in this painless way.

"The Power of Words: Examining the Language of Ethnic, Gender and Sexual Orientation Bias": This FREE curriculum from Tolerance.org shows you how to help students make informed choices about the use of slurs, epithets and labels. From an activity exploring the roots of slang for immigrants to a lesson on recent attempts by marginalized groups to reclaim pejorative words, the curriculum's 10 lesson plans support content standards in language arts, history, civics and behavioral studies for grades 9-12. Many of the activities can be adapted for lower grades and across subject areas. Lessons include one on "the effects of compulsory heterosexuality"!! More info and to download: http://www.tolerance.org/kit/power-words 

Rainbows and Triangles: A Curriculum Document for Challenging Homophobia and Heterosexism in the K-6 Classroom: by Toronto District School Board (2003). This compilation of lesson plans, definitions, FAQs, resource lists and community contacts. Age-appropriate teaching strategies are given to present concepts of diverse family structures, human rights, discrimination, homophobia and how to challenge discrimination. To obtain copies contact the Toronto School Board. Email: curriculumdocs@tdsb.on.ca; Telephone: 416-397-2595.

The Shared Heart: Portraits and Stories Celebrating Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Young People, A. Mastoon, 2001. ISBN: 006447304X (pbk), 0060295562 (hc). Features photos of LGB youths and powerful first-person accounts about the challenges of growing up gay. The youth are racially and economically diverse, class presidents, athletes, artists, and siblings. San Francisco: HarperCollins. $6.95 (pbk). Note: the books are still available but the exhibit and the curriculum are no longer available.

Tackling Gay Issues in Schools: A Resource Module: (A Publication of GLSEN Connecticut & Planned Parenthood of CT, ed. by Leif Mitchell; Spanish Version (Abordondo La Tematica) translated by Nila Marrone) This comprehensive resource module offers educators, administrators, counselors, trainers a rationale for the inclusion of LGBT issues in school, recommended curriculum and staff development activities, resource lists and more. (English Language Version: 1999, 208 pp.; Spanish Language Version: 2000, 280 pp.) $25 with shipping. Order form: http://www.glsen.org/binary-data/GLSEN_ATTACHMENTS/file/000/001/1313-1.pdf (pdf format)

When I Was A Boy: song from the "Honesty Room"ť (1993) album by Dar Williams. A beautiful song about the absurdity, limitations and alienation of rigid gender roles. In the song, the female singer/songwriter recalls her "boyish" childhood, and details the loss of her "boyhood" self in adolescence. She believes that the man in her life now can't possibly understand how she feels about this -- only to discover that yes, he does, as he recalls the days "when I was a girl." A lovely surprise ending, and great discussion starter. Available at any music store … Middle school +

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