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Reteaching Gender and Sexuality from Reteaching Gender & Sexuality on Vimeo.

Reteaching Gender & Sexuality: Show this free 3-minute video from the youth activists at "Put This on the {MAP}" (below) to your class, your school, your student government group, your faculty … it's a great way to reframe things if a training audience seems to be pathologizing queer youth, seeing them as one big problem instead of as potentially happy, well-adjusted human beings. 

After Stonewall: From the Riots to the Millennium, the sequel to Before Stonewall: 88 min. video. Chronicles the gay and lesbian experience since the Stonewall riots. More info: http://www.afterstonewall.com/after.html. Available in many video stores, or call 1-800-229-8575 or go to http://www.firstrunfeatures.com/ (type "Stonewall" in the search box).

A gay man In The Civil Rights Movement: 11 min film free online. Bayard Rustin was an American civil rights activist, important largely behind the scenes in the civil rights movement. (NOTE: preceded by a very campy commercial.)

All God's Children: 25 min. video. Moving documentary about gay and lesbian African-Americans and the church, ideal for the mostly African American classroom. Woman Vision, 3145 Geary Blvd, Suite 421, San Francisco, CA 94118. Phone: 415-273-1145, Email: womanvsn@aol.com  ... High School - Adult

As If It Matters: six stories beneath the surface: Nine youth wrote, directed, produced, and edited €śAs If It Matters: Six stories beneath the surface,€ť a 25 min. video that voices the actual stories we see in our everyday lives. It deals with issues of homophobia, cultural acceptance, body image, relationships, and labels through the stories of six students at one high school over 24 hours. The video by GSA Network can be watched online or downloaded to watch offline. It is a large -196mb .mp4 file. There is a Curriculum Guide and an Organizing Guide also available free in pdf format.

Assault on Gay America: 60-min. video, Public Broadcasting System. In February 1999, in Sylacauga, Alabama, 30-year-old computer programmer Bill Jack Gaither was murdered. The accused killer, a known white supremacist, testified he killed Gaither because he was "queer." Why have gays like Gaither and Matthew Shepard become the targets of such brutality? Frontline correspondent Forrest Sawyer explores the roots of homophobia in America -- as a catalyst for hate crimes and as a phenomenon that permeates our society. $19.98 Shop PBS:  ... High School - Adult

Before & After Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community - 25th Anniversary Edition ... High School - Adult. 175 minutes on 2 discs. Includes:

Before Stonewall: Experience the fascinating and unforgettable history of homosexuality in America through eye-opening historical footage and interviews with those who lived through it. Revealing and often humorous, this widely acclaimed film re-lives events from the 1920s up until the fevered 1969 riots. Narrated by Rita Mae Brown. 1984, 87 minutes.

After Stonewall: Chronicles lesbian and gay life from the 1969 Stonewall riots to the new century, capturing the hard work, tragic defeats and exciting victories experienced. It also explores the impact that AIDS had on the movement, and the new direction it took as a result. Narrated by Melissa Etheridge. 1999, 88 minutes.

Being Gay in the 21st Century: 25 minute film, free online.  

Both My Moms' Names are Judy: Children of Lesbians and Gays Speak Out: 10 min. film. A diverse group of children ages 7-11 describe what it is like for them to have lesbian and gay parents. Comes with a bound user's guide. Lesbian and Gay Parents Association of San Francisco (LGPA), 260 Tingley St, San Francisco, CA 94112; Phone: 415-337-1629; Email: lgpasf@aol.com; $40/individual; $70/institution ... Intermediate Grades

Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin: 83 min. video, 2002. Documentary about this legendary African-American, gay, Quaker pacifist activist, without whom there might never have been a Montgomery Bus Boycott in support of Rosa Parks or a March on Washington with Martin Luther King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech. High Schools, Public Libraries, HBCUs & Qualifying Community Organizations ONLY: DVD $24.95. College, Corporation, Gov't Agency: DVD $195.00 or $49.95 when you buy 10 or more titles. Home video licensing not available for this title. Call Newsreel toll free: 877-811-7495. Also available: Discussion Guide to Accompany Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin

Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case That Made History: 40 min. film. It tells the story of Jamie Nabozny, the first gay young person ever to sue his school district for not protecting him from years of anti-gay violence at school. He won the case against 3 individual school administrators and settled for nearly $1 million. The film humanizes Jamie through his warm, genuine explanation of his childhood. It features him, having grown into a confident man and an eloquent speaker, addressing a student body. It uses a combination of interviews and reenactment to make crystal clear what happened to Jamie at the hands of his peers and the callous responses of his schools' administrators. It shows various strategies Jamie tried in order to survive, along with the efforts of his parents and some of his teachers to act as allies. The courtroom drama segment -- based on actual transcripts -- is an amazing training tool for the continuing education of educators. Every faculty meeting across the country needs to set aside time to show Bullied. And every student body needs an assembly and small group discussions about the film and about all forms of bias-based bullying. It will change norms and offer hope to young people who have been the targets of bullying. As one of his teachers says in the film, "One brave young man ...stood up for millions of others." Jamie changed his school district and other schools all over the country. Jamie himself closes the film by saying to the camera, "If I can do that, anyone can do that." For more info about the film and to order your free copy, go to the link.

Bullying: Breaking the Cycle: a KIRO 7 Seattle, WA Family Connection documentary which aired in March 2011 and is now online. What does bullying look like? Who bullies, and who gets bullied? Why? What do parents need to know? What are educators doing about it? What can we do to break the cycle? Angela Russell discusses the consequences of bullying and how reducing it can raise the level of academics, and also talks with Dan Savage about the online It Gets Better project he created in response to the seven suicides in three months of teenagers who were being bullied for being gay or perceived as gay. Chris Egert looks at how the Internet has changed the methods of bullying and talks with a teenager who was bullied online. Julie Francavilla showcases local schools that have implemented prevention programs, one to great success: an 80 percent drop in bullying complaints from 2009 to 2010. One year is a long time to a child being bullied. Is there hope for quicker results? Steve Raible highlights the difference in one month at an elementary school that has a long history of bullying. Students from local schools speak from experience, demonstrating the diversity of bullying scenarios in our community. Olympia seventeen-year-old Bill Clayton's parents speak for him, as they have since he took his life. Educators from local schools share their anti-bullying campaigns and what they've learned from them. University of Washington Professor Karin Frey and other experts such as Mia Doces of Committee for Children and Dr. David Breland of Seattle Children's give ways we can all help to break the cycle. Bullying: Breaking the Cycle was written and directed by Ben Saboonchian, photographed by Peter Frerichs and edited by Peter Gamba, Gregg Grinnell and Caitlin Mallory. You can watch Bullying: Breaking The Cycle in its entirety, split into four segments on the KIRO 7 website: Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 Segment 4

Coming Out, Coming Home: Asian and Pacific Islander Family Stories: 44 min. video. An effort to break the isolation of A/PI families with GLBT children and help with communication within family and broader community. Features interviews with one Filipino and three Chinese families and dialogue among parents. Speaking in English, families discuss shame, grief, love, growth, importance of family, how they handled their conflicts around homosexuality. A/PI-PFLAG Family Project; PO Box 640223, San Francisco, CA 94164; Phone: 415-921-8850, ext. 2; Email: apipflag@aol.com ... High School - Adult

Coming Out: What Every Teen (Gay and Straight) Needs to Know: 23 min. video/DVD from Human Relations Media. Includes video, teacher's resource book, and student handouts. DVD contains Spanish subtitles.

Dealing with Difference: Opening Dialogue about Lesbian, Gay & Straight Issues: 35 min. video/DVD and teacher's resource book from Human Relations Media.

De Colores from Garrett Lenoir on Vimeo.

De Colores: Lesbian and Gay Latinos' Stories of Strength, Family and Love: 28-minute bilingual documentary about how Latino families are replacing the deep roots of homophobia with the even deeper roots of love and tolerance. There is a streaming version available online. DVD copies: $19.95 individual/nonprofit; $150 educational; $200 corporate. Woman Vision
3570 Clay St, San Francisco, CA 94118; Phone: 415-921-5687; Email: info@womanvision.org

The "Different and the Same" Video Series: nine 15-20 min.episodes, plus a training video for teachers and a discussion guide, none specifically about homophobia, but excellent otherwise. Titles include: "Play Ball" - stereotyping, "The Club" - standing up against prejudice directed against someone else, "Sticks and Stones" - name calling, "Cinderella and Me" - being excluded from mainstream culture, "Long Distance" - speaking a different language, "Tug of War" - choosing a friend across racial lines, "Proud to Be Me" - the pull between maintaining a strong cultural identity and assimilation, "I'm American, Too" - definitions of being American, and "Words on the Wall" - hate crimes. Family Communications, GPN, PO Box 80669, Lincoln, NE 68501-0669. Phone: 800-228-4630, Previews and free teachers guides in pdf format on the website, and printed version of teachers guide comes with purchase. ... Primary Grades 1-3

Fish Out of Water: What Does the Bible Really Say About Being Gay? A documentary that explores the impassioned relationship between homosexuality and the Bible. Using animation and academic interviews, director Ky Dickens examines different Christian interpretations of scripture. It is beautifully put together, allowing pastors and theologians as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals to speak for themselves, across the spectrum of beliefs and interpretations and keeping the message palatable through the strategic use of animation. It is feature length (60 min) and appropriate for use in churches and church youth groups, especially Christian ones, and parochial high schools and church-affiliated young adult service groups. Information about how to book a screening, contact Elizabeth Kurasz, Community Outreach & Screenings Coordinator: ekurasz@redhartproductions.com

  Gender Matters: Expressions and Identities Beyond the Binary: 84 min., DVD.  Six short films about transgender and gender non-conforming youth and adults, told through narrative, documentary, animation, and experimental approaches.  Includes California standards-based curriculum guide.  Films: eddie, Tomboy, The Bond, Just Call Me Kade, Bikini, and Two-Spirit People.   $24.99 Free for GSAs in California.
  Global Currents: Broadcasting Change in Latin America: 30 min., DVD.  A compelling documentary about a group of Nicaraguan activists whose popular telenovela (soap opera) portrays working-class teenagers who help each other deal with tough issues like homophobia, racism, and domestic violence.  Includes California standards-based curriculum guide.  Film: Novela, Novela.  English & Spanish (with English subtitles). $24.99 . Free for GSAs in California


In God's House: Asian American Lesbian and Gay Families in the Church: Asian American lesbians and gays have been largely invisible in Christian churches. Some Asian American churches silence the issue for fear of division and conflict. Other Asian American church leaders have condemned homosexuality and publicly protested against same-sex marriage. Yet lesbian and gay Asian Americans and their families worship and serve in churches every day. Where are their voices? This honest and thought-provoking film tells a story that the church needs to hear: that of Asian American Christian lesbian and gay people, their pastors, and their parents. 

In My Shoes: Stories of Youth with LGBT Parents: In a time when LGBT families are debated and attacked in the media, courts and Congress, from school houses to state houses across the country, five young people give you a chance to walk in their shoes - to hear their own views on marriage, making change, and what it means to be a family. This 31-minute documentary is an excellent tool for raising awareness and making the case for same-sex marriage in schools, community centers, churches, legislative offices and more and was created especially for middle and high school aged audiences.  Order the video from Frameline. A resource, discussion and action and curriculum guide for the film is available here.


In The Family: Marriage Equality and LGBT Families: 49 min., DVD.  Two short films exploring the impact of marriage and adoption rights in diverse LGBT families from California to Kentucky.  Includes California standards-based curriculum guide.  Films: In My Shoes: Stories of Youth with LGBT Parents and Out In The Heartland.   $24.99 (free for GSAs in California). Free for GSAs in California.

In Other Words: produced by the National Film Board of Canada and directed by Jan Padgett.  Young people may not know what the words "fag," "queer" and "gay" mean, but they do understand that these words carry great negative social value. In Other Words explores the impact of homophobia on a group of young people who speak courageously about their fears, concerns, anger and pain. Using slang, music media images and dictionary definitions, it examines how language determines our attitudes towards others. It also encourages changes in attitude to ensure that schools are safe places where children can learn in a climate of respect.  2001, 25 minutes.

It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School: 78 min. video with viewing guide; 30 min version for training events also available, Spanish subtitled version available, all versions closed-captioned - 1996, GroundSpark (formerly Women's Educational Media). Award-winning documentary is a must-see for parents and educators of young children. It shows real teachers addressing gay stereotypes, two-mom families, etc. in age-appropriate ways in elementary and middle school classrooms. Recommended for use by: K-12 teachers and youth service providers; religious communities; and corporate diversity awareness programs. 2180 Bryant Street #203 , San Francisco, CA; Phone: 415-641-4616 and 1-800-405-3322; Fax: 415-641-4632; Email: info@groundspark.org; NOTE: When Safe Schools Coalition supporters who purchase It's Elementary, use the partner promotional code, N3GC28, the Coalition will get a much needed 10% rebate. We appreciate your donating to us in this painless way. You can get 21-day individual use only flash streaming of the film here for $4.99.

NOTE: Accompanying It's Elementary on the newly released DVD, is a 2007 retrospective documentary, It's STILL Elementary. This companion film follows up with some of the original students and teachers from It's Elementary. It tells the fascinating history of why the film got made, the response it provoked from the conservative right, and the questions it raises about the national safe schools movement today. It's STILL Elementary is a call to action for parents and educators to continue working for safe, inclusive schools. It looks at obstacles faced by the safe schools movement, and calls for communities to reinvigorate their push for learning environments that are free of bias and prejudice. It comes as part of the new Its Elementary on DVD, along with an extensive curriculum guide. You can get 21-day individual use only flash streaming of the film here for $4.99.

Just Call Me Kade: 26-minute film tells the true story of a transgender teen Kade (formerly "Kate") Farlow Collins from Tucson, Arizona. 2001. 

The Kids Are Listening: a nationwide campaign by the American Bar Association Center (ABA) Center on Children and the Law, created to ensure that the thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) children and teens who are in foster care receive the legal rights and protection they deserve and need. As part of this program, the ABA Center on Children and the Law provides trainings, free resources, works one-on-one with legal and social services professionals - from judges to children's attorneys and social services personnel - who are involved in the foster care community to make their community a better and safer place for LGBTQ foster kids. Watch this moving and motivating video (below) that demonstrates how everything that we do and say as lawyers, judges and adults in these children's lives makes a difference. Find out how you, as a teacher, parent and active member of the community can make a difference in these kids lives. They also hope you will Like "The Kids Are Listening" on Facebook and follow "The Kids Are Listening" on Twitter. Contact: Garry I. Bevel, Staff Attorney - ABA Center on Children and the Law; Opening Doors for LGBTQ Youth in Foster Care; Address: 740 15th ST NW. Washington, DC. 20009; Phone: 202-662-1749; fax: 202.662.1755; Email: Garry.Bevel@americanbar.org

Queer Spawn: 30-minute film. There are over ten million children with gay or lesbian parents in the United States. Are their lives affected by their kind of family? From liberal New York City to conservative Texas, teenagers and their parents candidly share their experiences and insights. Order a copy of the film on DVD directly from the filmmaker: annaboluda@gmail.com

Larkin Street Stories: Serving Homeless Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Questioning (LGBTQ) Youth: a three-part video series offering tips on best practices for providers serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth who are homeless. From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Authors: Homelessness Resource Center (HRC) Publication Date: 2011.

Lead with Love: (36 min, 2010) wonderful free online film for families with lesbian, gay and bisexual children (also available on DVD)
  • starts with parents' grief
  • addresses families' concerns including faith questions
  • includes research about the vital importance of family support
  • offers 4 concrete steps families can take
  • is multiethnic and otherwise diverse

Lesbian Teenagers in High School: 23 minute video features interviews with a racially diverse group of lesbian young women ages 15-19 as well as a teacher who advises a Gay-Straight Alliance. They discuss hurtful and supportive experiences with teachers and fellow students. They touch upon issues specific to African-American young women. The film is simple and powerful. Teens should see it as well as teachers, counselors, and other school employees. OutLoud Films, PO Box 20121, Cincinnati, OH 45220; Phone: 513-257-7865; Email: norahmail@aol.com ... High School-Adult

Let's Get Real: 35 minute video, 2004. Powerful documentary that examines a variety of issues that lead to taunting and bullying, including racial differences, perceived sexual orientation, learning disabilities, religious differences, sexual harassment and others. The film not only gives a voice to targeted kids, but also to kids who do the bullying to find out why they lash out at their peers and how it makes them feel. The most heartening part of Let's Get Real includes stories of kids who have mustered the courage to stand up for themselves or a classmate. From GroundSpark (formerly Women's Educational Media), the makers of It's Elementary and That's a Family! Phone: 415-641-4616.  ... 5th grade (with guidance) and, especially, middle school to adult. NOTE: When Safe Schools Coalition supporters who purchase That's a Family! - or - Let's Get Real - or - Straightlaced, use the partner promotional code, N3GC28, the Coalition will get a much needed 10% rebate. We appreciate your donating to us in this painless way.

Lipstick: (10 minutes, 2001) Emily is your average teenage girl. She hangs with her friends. Plays soccer. Looks forward to graduation. And thinks about boys... and girls. This is Emily's story of coming out. Lipstick examines sexual identity by looking at friendship, ambivalence, peer pressure, self-awareness and acceptance. The film, like all films from Scenarios USA was written by a teens (Emily Alvarez, Dan Barnard, Roxanna Garcia, Simone Lance and Sophia Tavernakis) and directed and acted by professionals. It's outstanding. Watch it free online and download a lesson plan or purchase it in DVD form -- and support Scenarios USA for supporting young scriptwriters -- for $89.

A list of favorite documentaries and a feature or two: from the National Consortium of Directors of LGBT Resources in Higher Education.

Man in the Mirror: from Scenarios USA, directed by Joel Schumacher, written by 18-year old Treviny Marie Colon from the Bronx. “Jason Gutierrez is a Puerto Rican from New York City and the quintessential all-American guy. Status comes at a price as rumors spread that Jason is gay. With his identity questioned, Jason is pushed to understand who he is and prove how far he will go to prove that he's just “one of the boys.”Man in the Mirror examines stereotypes, sexual orientation, homophobia and bullying.” Run time 17 min, DVD $89.  Watch a preview, print a free lesson plan to use with it.

Scenarios USA also has two other new films that examine stereotypical gender norms: Life’s Poison and A Man Made Early. "Scenarios USA's awesome work is a collaborative effort between youths who write screenplays and professionals who produce, direct, and act in their films. Every film they make is top-notch for classroom use." -- Beth Reis, Co-chair, Safe Schools Coalition.

No Dumb Questions: a documentary film by Melissa Regan, produced by Epiphany Productions. This funny and touching documentary profiles three sisters, ages 6, 9 and 11, struggling to understand why and how their Uncle Bill is becoming a woman. Winner of numerous film festival awards. 2001, 24 minutes. 

Oliver Button Is A Star: 56 min. video, 2001. PBS special based on the book, "Oliver Button is a Sissy," which became a short stage musical put on by the Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus, portions of which appear in the video. Uses a mix of live performance, storytelling, animation, and music to explore bullying and diversity. ... Elementary - Adult

Out of the Past: 60 min. video, 1998. The first documentary about lesbian and gay history ever produced for a high school audience. This film, winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival, recovers facets of our history that have been left out of the textbooks and follows one young woman making history today. ... High School - Adult

Our Faces: We'd love to show you our faces, they're just like yours: 22 min. video with a 5 min. addendum for professional audiences - 2000, Educational Videos Plus. Educational video looks at the lives, trials, and joys of GBLT youth, adults, and their families, through their own eyes. Excellent alternative when a panel is not available. 715 143rd Ave. NE #32, Bellevue, WA 98007; or order a copy ($47 includes shipping) by leaving a message with your shipping address for counselor Laurie Simons at 425-889-8524 ext. 11 (she'll enclose an invoice; they don't accept credit cards) ... Middle School - Adult

A Place at the Table: Struggles for Equality in America: video-and-text kit - 2001, Teaching Tolerance Program, Southern Poverty Law Center. Explores the battle against intolerance and discrimination in American history, including (briefly) the struggle for gay civil rights. FREE to institutions; limit one package per school, university department or organization; fax your order on school, university or organization letterhead to: 334-264-7310. Phone: 334-264-0286.  ... High School - Adult

Prejudice PSA's for all grade levels that you and your students can view on-line. Some are available in English and Spanish, both. You'll need either RealPlayer or Quicktime to view the TV PSA's. There are also radio PSA's on this page for which you'll need RealMedia or WindowsMedia. Scroll to the bottom of the page to download these tools. Some were developed by the National Anti-Discrimination Campaign with the Ad Council. Others come from Nickelodeon or the President's Initiative on Race.

Put This on the {Map}: (42 minutes, 2009) is the compelling documentary about a generation of young people reteaching gender and sexual identity. Twenty-six young people weave together this ground-breaking narrative of shifting identities and social change. In an open and honest exploration of education, family, and community, Put This on the {Map} moves an audience from self-reflection to action. For more information about the documentary or about bringing the film AND YOUTH TRAINERS to your organization, workplace, school, church, or community group. Email: producers@putthisonthemap.org

Reteaching Gender & Sexuality: Show this free 3-minute video from the youth activists at "Put This on the {MAP}" (above) to your class, your school, your student government group, your faculty … it's a great way to reframe things if a training audience seems to be pathologizing queer youth, seeing them as one big problem instead of as potentially happy, well-adjusted human beings. 

Reaching Out: Library Services for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth: 2004. A film by Lynne Barnes. 16 minutes ($20 US, DVD or VHS) Order from lynneword@hotmail.com

Real People: What is Hate All About? 24 minute video and teachers' guide - Sunburst Communications. Using an MTV-style format, program examines through the personal stories of real teens the many reasons people hate and the stereotypes that hate fosters. Can be started and stopped easily for discussion (broken into segments) and it speaks to all "isms" and to homophobia often and ends with how to make a difference by highlighting organizations and youth who are. Phone: 1-800-431-1934.  ... grades 7-12

The Sensei: D. Lee Inosanto is no stranger to martial arts. Her father is martial arts legend Dan Inosanto, her godfather was the late Bruce Lee (whom she refers to simply as 'Uncle Bruce'ť), and Inosanto herself is a highly trained martial artist who has worked as a stunt person on projects from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Face/Off. When Inosanto decided to write, direct and star in her first feature film, it made sense that it would take place in the world she knows so well. The story she chose to tell, The Sensei, is set in a small Colorado town in 1985, the early years of the AIDS epidemic. McClain, a gay teenager who is constantly being ostracized, tries to sign up for classes at the local martial arts dojo to learn to protect himself, but they won't accept him. Enter Karen (D. Lee Inosanto), the black sheep of the family that runs the dojo who returns to the town after several years away. Karen privately trains McClain, and the two develop a friendship until a secret Karen harbors changes everything. 

The Sissy Duckling: Anthony Bell, director. Harvey Fierstein wrote this cartoon fable about Elmer, a sensitive duckling whose schoolmates tease him for being a sissy. However, after his unusual talents help him save a life, the other members of the flock learn to respect him as he is. 1999, 39 minutes. 

SPEAK UP! Improving the Lives of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgendered Youth: 30 minute video. Explores what gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) students and their allies have done to transform their schools into safer and more welcoming environments. Interviews with students, parents, teachers, administrators and national activists (Judy Shepard, Danny and Julie from MTV's Real World New Orleans and actor/musician Anthonly Rapp). Media Education Foundation: 1-800-897-0089; http://www.mediaed.org/videos/MediaGenderAndDiversity/SpeakUp/#

Sticks and Stones: produced by the National Film Board of Canada and directed by Jan Padgett.  Sticks and Stones combines interviews, animation and documentary footage to spark discussions about families, gender stereotypes and name-calling. Young children ages 5-12 describe how they feel when they hear put-downs of themselves or their families in this video for students, educators and parents. 2001, 17 minutes.

NEW - Straightlaced: from girls confronting popular messages about culture and body image to boys who are sexually active just to prove they aren't gay, the students in Straightlaced illustrate the toll that deeply held stereotypes and rigid gender policing have on all of our lives. Filmed in the same intimate style as Groundspark's That's a Family! and Let's Get Real, the heart of Straightlaced is candid interviews with more than 50 teens form diverse backgrounds. There is no disputing the fact that gender-based stereotypes and anti-gay attitudes affect the lives of all students today. Straightlaced provides a way into a much-needed dialogue about gender roles and homophobia among teenagers. With refreshing honesty, the diverse youth in the film open up about the pressure to conform to rigid gender role expectations. Boys who have to act tough even though they may feel vulnerable, or girls who have to dress provocatively just to fit in, reveal the toll it takes on them to live up to gender role expectations and how that limits who they really want to be. ... High School +

NOTE: When Safe Schools Coalition supporters who purchase That's a Family! - or - Let's Get Real - or - Straightlaced, use the partner promotional code, N3GC28, the Coalition will get a much needed 10% rebate. We appreciate your donating to us in this painless way.

That's a Family!: 35 min. video and teachers' guide. From the same filmmakers as It's Elementary, it tells the stories -- in their own voices -- of children with gay and lesbian parents as well as children who: have a single mother; spend time between two households because their parents are divorced; have step-parents; are being raised by a grandmother or aunt; are adopted; etc. GroundSpark (formerly Women's Educational Media), Phone: 415-641-4616. ... Elementary+

NOTE: When Safe Schools Coalition supporters who purchase That's a Family! - or - Let's Get Real - or - Straightlaced, use the partner promotional code, N3GC28, the Coalition will get a much needed 10% rebate. We appreciate your donating to us in this painless way.

The Teen Files: The Truth About Hate: A moving film about racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, etc. and the transformative power of getting to know "the other." It shows teens who have expressed hate and distrust as they get to know real individuals who belong to the very groups they think they hate (African-American, Jewish, gay, etc.). Distributed by AIMS Multimedia - full 49 minute version for $149.95 as a DVD or as a video, or a 32 minute school version for $149.95. There is also a long and short version in Spanish. ... High School - Adult

THIS IS A MOVEMENT from Reteaching Gender & Sexuality (above) on Vimeo.

This is a Movement: 3:30 min video, free online. It was created to broaden conversations about a LGBT movement to one that is multi-issued and demands that we understand gender and sexuality within context of our other identities. THIS IS A MOVEMENT is the second video in the Reteaching Gender & Sexuality (RGS) series. Download the discussion guide.

Tools For Caring: 17 minute video - 2000, Mary-Helen Mautner Project for Lesbians with Cancer. School nurses - and every other health care provider - should see this video. Contains discussions with physicians and interviews with a diverse group of lesbians describing their experiences with barriers to accessing health care services. Easy to understand its implications beyond cancer and beyond lesbians. $25.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling. Phone: 202-332-5536.  ... for Nurses and Clinic Staff

  Visionaries & Victories: Early Leaders in the LGBT Movement: 114 min., DVD.  Two award-winning films profiling three of the founders of the movement for LGBT equality, and told alongside the history of other US social movements.  Includes California standards-based curriculum guide.  Films: No Secret Anymore: The Times of Del Martin & Phyllis Lyon and Hope Along the Wind: The Life of Harry Hay. $24.99 Free for GSAs in California.

We Are ... GBLTQ - a 42 minute DVD that was produced by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services Children’s Administration, the Washington State Department of Information Services, and director/Project Coordinator, Evonne Hedgepeth, Ph.D. - Lifespan Education, (Phone / Fax: 360-352-9980, evonne@lifespaneducation.com) who is available to consult (curricula writing, trainings, program design, etc.) and may be available to speak with the film at training events and conferences around the country. This is easily the BEST video about LGBTQ youth in recent memory. It’s about LGBTQ youth in foster care, featuring the wonderfully articulate, diverse voices of a dozen or so LGBTQ current and former foster kids, with guest appearances by some adult experts. It’s an excellent training tool intended for case workers, foster parents and others serving out-of-home youth, but absolutely great too for school counselors, nurses, social workers, teachers, physicians, parents …any adult who cares about youth…and for any youth in the child welfare system. Order free copies while they last from Carolyn Jones, Professional Development Unit, Children's Administration, Department of Social & Health Services, MS 45710, Olympia, WA 98502; Tel. 360-902-0215; Fax. 360-7588; Email. ZOCA300@dshs.wa.gov or Marianne K. Ozmun at ozmk300@dshs.wa.gov - 360-902-7928. The We Are ... GBLTQ video and an accompanying discussion guide are both available online at the Foster Parent Website. They are linked near the bottom in the list on the page. The discussion guide is here. (pdf format) You can watch the 42 minute film "We Are ... GLBTQ" online here.

Who I Am (12.5 minutes, 2006) Two young women confront their sexuality at the crossroads of race and class. Who I Am addresses stereotypes, racism, and homophobia. The film, like all films from Scenarios USA was written by a teen (Whitney Peters) and directed and acted by professionals. It's outstanding. Watch it free online and download a lesson plan or purchase it in DVD form -- and support Scenarios USA for supporting young scriptwriters -- for $89.

NEW - The Youth and Gender Media Project encompasses a growing collection of short films that capture the diversity and complexity of gender non-conforming youth. In The Family Journey: Raising Gender Nonconforming Children (14 minutes) family members relate their transformations from denial to acceptance and finally to celebration around supporting and nurturing their courageous children. I’m Just Anneke (12 minutes) tells the story of a gender fluid twelve–year–old girl who’s taking hormone blockers that delay puberty so she can decide if she wants to be male, female, or somewhere in–between, when she grows up. Becoming Johanna tells the story of a sixteen–year–old Latina transgender teenager living in Los Angeles whose deeply religious, immigrant mother commits her to a mental hospital against her will in order to prevent her transition to a young woman. The films introduce radical new concepts for many audiences, from the very idea that a young child can be transgender and have the wherewithal to fight against the pressures to conform to a binary gender paradigm, to the new and still very rare use of hormone blockers to delay puberty. However, since the films are structured around universal themes such as parenting and acceptance, identity and difference, growing up and coming of age, tolerance, love and self-esteem, they remain accessible and deeply moving even to people who are resistant to the idea of transgender youth.  In collaboration with our outreach partner Gender Spectrum and several other non-profits dedicated to creating safe and inclusive classrooms for gender nonconforming youth, the films will be used to educate teachers, administrators, parents and students in school communities across the United States. And here to purchase the Youth and Gender Media Project DVD.

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