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The Safe Schools Coalition grieves today
for 6th grader Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover of Massachusetts
and 5th grader Jaheem Herrera of Georgia,
both 11 years old,
who on April 6th and 16th, respectively
committed suicide
subsequent, apparently, to relentless anti-gay bullying at school.

  Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover

Article: School Yard Bully
A community reacts to
the death of 11-year-old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover,
who committed suicide after months of antigay taunts…
and little action from his school.

by William McGuinness
Advocate.com - April 13, 2009

Read the article here.



Jaheem Herrera

Another Child Suicide
Blamed on Antigay Bullying

Jaheem Herrera, a fifth-grader at Dunaire Elementary School
in the Atlanta area, hanged himself in his room after enduring
extreme daily bullying that included antigay taunts.
His 10-year-old sister discovered his body.

by Julie Bolcer
Advocate.com - April 21, 2009
Read the article here.





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