13. Is there a legal right to have graffiti about you or slurs about people of your race, religion, etc. removed from school property in a timely way?
  Students generally donít have an affirmative right to have graffiti removed, public school officials do violate federal law and state law if they deliberately ignore severe, pervasive and objectively offensive peer harassment based on sexual orientation. In some cases, anti-LGBT graffiti may be one component of such harassment, in which case school officials may have a legal obligation to remove it. Moreover, if a school generally has a policy or practice of removing graffiti, but allows anti-LGBT graffiti to remain, that policy or practice could constitute illegal discrimination.  
a. Yes, under Washington State law  
b. Yes, under Federal law.  
c. Yes, if it is about them personally, but not if it disparages a class of people.  
d. No, but some districts provide that protection by policy.  
e. It depends, but probably A, B, and D. YES!  
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