6. Do public school students have a legal right to participate in the Day of Silence?   Students generally have the right to express their opinion at school, including by wearing messages expressing their ideas or by participating in events like the Day of Silence, during which they take a vow of silence for all or part of the school day.
Courts have said, however, that there are some limits on students’ free speech rights at school [and more limits on employees’ free speech rights]. For instance, “if a teacher tells a student to answer a question during class, the student generally doesn’t have a constitutional right to refuse to answer. Students who want to remain silent during class on the Day of Silence are less likely to encounter problems if they seek permission from their teachers beforehand. Outside of the classroom, in areas like hallways and cafeterias, students have a much broader right to free speech [and should be able participate in the Day of Silence during non-instructional time without fear of discipline].”

See Lambda Legal’s publication Out, Safe and Respected: Your Rights at School http://www.lambdalegal.org/publications/out-safe-respected/ and also http://www.dayofsilence.org/content/getinformation_faq.html  
a. Yes, in most circumstances. It’s a matter of freedom of speech YES!  
b. No, unless the school approves the event in advance.  
c. No, it’s a disruption of the school environment  
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