9. Can a teacher be fired or disciplined for telling his/her/their students that he/she/they are LGBTQ?  
The Washington Law Against Discrimination, prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. If other teachers are allowed to disclose information about their personal lives (i.e., that they are married to an opposite-sex spouse or that they are heterosexual or CIS gendered) then the same rights exist for other parents. Additionally WAC 392-190-0591 - Public school employment and contract practices—Nondiscrimination prohibits any contractual or other relationship that directly or indirectly has the effect of subjecting any person to discrimination in connection with employment. See WAC 392-190-0591(3). A requirement to conceal sexual orientation or gender identity would likely violate these provisions.
There may also be protections in collective bargaining agreements.
a. School districts must respond to the demands of the community and if the community does not want teachers to openly identify as LGBTQ, teachers who violate the community mores may be disciplined, up to and including being fired.  
b. No. Federal law allows teachers to come out of the closet.
c. No. State law, prohibits a school from discrimination in connection with employment.   
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