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Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 18:47:24 -0700
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Dear Safe Schools Coalition members and friends:

REMINDER:  SSC meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, 2-4 PM Pacific (or call in from any time zone) here are belated minutes from last JUNE.

Minutes 6/19/07, 2-4 p.m. PDT

Safe Schools Coalition Meeting

Chairing: Marsha Botzer; Recording: Penny Palmer

Attending: Beth Reis, Public Health - Seattle & King County; Frieda Takamura, Washington Education Association & SSC Co-Chair; Heather Carter, Youth Suicide Prevention Project; Ilana Kennedy, Holocaust Education Resource Center; Marsha Botzer, Ingersoll Gender Center and the Task Force & SSC Co-Chair; Steve  Adler, Holocaust Education Resource Center; Kari Lerum, University of Washington; Penny Palmer, SSC Intervention Specialist and Co-secretary;  Ellen Kahn, HRC; Gabi Clayton, PFLAG Olympia; Kim Westheimer, HRC Welcoming Schools Project; Kris Wells, Journal of LGBT Youth; Piper Sangston, Washington Assoc. of School Social Workers; Doris Brevoort, Seattle Public Schools, Turning Institute and SSC Intervention Specialist

(1)     THE WASHINGTON STATE HOLOCAUST EDUCATION RESOURCE CENTER – Steve Adler, Ilana Kennedy. SSC was pleased to welcome Steve and Ilana to our meeting. They gave us an introduction to the Center and their goals. They also are concerned with the isolation of people and/or groups, bullying, and education. They have speakers and information available at the center for teachers and also train teachers. They would like to work with the SSC around our common goals. Their website is and the phone # 206-441-5747. A desire was expressed to co-ordinate materials and events and also add the links on the websites.

(2)     WELCOMING SCHOOLS PROJECT – Kim Westheimer, Ellen Kahn -  The project is designed to be an elementary school package having many groups work together to eliminate discrimination, gender bias, name calling, bullying etc. It is designed to be used throughout the country not just in Boston, where an amazing team first drafted it. The pilot starts in Sept. and includes new resources and peer reviews. There will also be leadership sites and smaller pilots. A guide will be provided along with staff development and lesson plans. Evaluations and outcome data will be used to check change of attitudes, behavior and how students respond. A starter kit will be developed and a website for downloads will be available in Sept. The SSC “All Families Welcome” poster will be reprinted as it needs some revision in HRC’s opinion, especially for the elementary school. Thanks to SSC for the great resources on the website.

(3)     RESEARCH ISSUES, UW BOTHELL – Kari Lerum – Kari, a University of Washington sociology professor, as part of a team of faculty, will be teaching a select group of undergrads with the goal of how to do a community based research coalition. Their focus will be Power up, tent city and SSC. They will be looking at how to do a marketing campaign around bullying etc. hopefully using videos, political cartoons. U Tube etc. students are just getting started and will work with Lambda and the GSA. 

(4)     JOURNAL OF LGBT YOUTH – Kris Wells – Kris, one of the Associate Editors for the Journal of LGBT Youth, which is published quarterly by Haworth Press in the United States and has a wide ranging international audience, suggested that SSC might be interested in developing a relationship with the Journal. There are two potential partnership options. We decided to go with “affiliation.” See details at the end of these minutes.

(5)     YOUTH SUICIDE PREVENTION PROJECT – Heather Carter -- LGBT youth are a focus group and they are looking for ideas as to what the SSC sees as needs. Training, contacts etc. Beth suggested a speaker exchange with YSPP speakers going through our training and vise versa. Also if Heather can be at our meetings when possible and include issue of GLBT youth of color, it may help with ideas. Youth of color even in higher risk group. Heather also wants to focus on those who do not know YSPP are serving LBGT kids

(6)     UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY SEEKS COPYRIGHT PERMISSION – Beth – This deals with their sexual harassment office. It was agreed to give permission to reference our website and use the “It Shouldn’t Matter” cards.

(7)     INTERVENTION TEAM REPORT* Heidi, Kristina --  Storage is needed for the posters that the training teams give out. If your org has any storage space to offer, please contact Frieda: Frieda Takamura

(8)     TRAINING TEAM REPORT – Kari, Beth, Frieda – The contracts for the new teacher trainers have been awarded. Those listed were Tracy Flynn/Planned Parenthood of Western WA, Rosalinda Noriega/Partners in Prevention Education, Beth Reis/Public Health – Seattle & King County, Norma Timbang, Kari Kesler, Judy Hoff, Truc Nguyen and Lori Stern. There will be a July 12 trainers’ meeting at WEA to begin the process of developing 8 training modules. The old speakers web page needs to be taken down and the new trainers’ bios listed. Beth will get permission to post people’s bios and photos.

(9)     SPEAKERS BUREAU REPORT – Kristina, Joyful, Beth – Americorps hire will be working on new speaker training. Kristina is leaving the position of speakers bureau manager but will contract to supervise the new Americorps hire. (NOTE: We didn’t know it when these minutes were recorded in June, but the new Speakers Bureau Manager we are now contracting with is Helen Stillman. We’ll introduce her at the August meeting.

(10)     TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE REPORT – Frieda, Beth – Technical assistance was given to a school administrator who asked for advice on a lesbian student’s concern over rooming on an overnight field trip and whether other students would have a hard time sharing space. The issue was resolved and students at the school even volunteered to speak on LGBT issues.

(11)     LISTSERVE REPORT – Beth – see Assistant to the Chair position #16
(12)     WEB SITE REPORT – Gabi, Beth
a)      Web card – Check out SSC business cards with logo. You can down load cards from website:

b)      Most downloaded files - Gabi provided a list of most downloaded files from the website. Thank you, as it is very interesting.

(13)     MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Piper, Tad  
a)      Forged Check(s): Respect Sacramento and possibly OSSCC. Apparently our mail was stolen and at least one check made out to the Coalition was altered and cashed. Respect Sacramento, whose check it was, has recovered the funds from their bank and reissued the check after making a police report. We are awaiting confirmation from the Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition about whether they, too, have made a police report and can reissue the check to us.

b)      Renewals (thank you): Planned Parenthood Votes Washington, University of Puget Sound, Washington State University’s Gender Identity/Expression & Sexual Orientation Resource Center, Lambert House, Odyssey Youth Center

c)      New org member applications (yay): Olympia Community School, Vista Youth Center, Rainbow Beach at The Center Project.  New applications approved for all three groups. Welcome!

d)      If your org has not renewed yet for 2007 NOW IS THE TIME. Go to

(14)     AMERICORPS POSITION INTERVIEWS (6/22) & SUPERVISOR CONTRACT – Kristina, Beth – Friday June 22, 10:00 and 11:00
(15)     ASSISTANT TO THE CHAIRS POSITION – Beth – This position will take over the list serve and do clerical work. The change may come in August.

(16)     SEATTLE PRIDE & the YELLOW SCHOOL BUS – Lisa, Beth
a)      NEED a volunteer to do the Costco run.  Piper will buy and hand off to Beth.
b)      3 ways to join the contingent – Ride the bus, walk along side the bus, or hand out materials

  1.  CHALLENGE DAY – Beth – The organization requested SSC to do some anti-bias work in school. Tabled until July

(18)     STONEWALL (HISTORY) POWERPOINT – Beth – Our website now offers this downloadable PowerPoint presentation for high school history classes, courtesy of Shoreline history teacher Dan Sato (thank you, Dan):

(19)     LAUGH OUT LOUD, JUNE 26!! – Rachel, Kathy, Tracy, Beth  - $10 before the 26th and $12 at the door.
(20)     EXCITING NEWS: The Safe Schools Coalition has just been awarded the 2007 community collaboration/coalition building award from the Seattle LGBTQ Center. Congratulations, everyone! And thank you to the Center's Board and Staff! – The picture will be on the website. We need a home for the awards the SSC has been awarded.

(21)     Past minutes Approved

(22)     ERW – pamphlet on domestic partnerships in Washington State can be downloaded from their site:

(23)     Verbena is asking for help spending money from tobacco suit as it relates to GBLT people. Contact our liaison, Doris

UPCOMING MEETINGS … contact the chair if you have agenda items to suggest or if you need instructions about attending (in person) or calling in (by conference call)

All are welcome- you do NOT need to be a Coalition member to attend.

July 17, 2-4 pm. Frieda chairs and Kathy records -- PLEASE NOTE SUMMER HOURS
Frieda: 253-765-7062;
Kathy: 206-767-0760, 847-421-7009;

Aug 21, 2-4 pm. Beth chairs and Chris records -- PLEASE NOTE SUMMER HOURS
Beth: 206-296-4970; 
Chris: 206-723-1818;

Sept, DATE & TIME TO BE DETERMINED. Marsha chairs and Penny records
Marsha: 206-601-8942;
Penny: 425-487-2813;


* HELP NEEDED: Intervention volunteers should be Washington residents [Intervention is the one service of the Coalition that is limited geographically – all other services are available anywhere] with a background in education or social services (retired or currently working); people of color, transgender individuals and gender queer individuals are encouraged to apply.

The Intervention Team responds to crisis requests from students, family members and educators experiencing anti-LGBT harassment or violence at school. An Intervention Specialist will listen and problem solve and then might, for instance, meet with someone's principal or superintendent with the caller or for them. They might help them come out to their family so they can talk with them about the bullying. They might sit with a student while they made a police report if they were afraid to do that alone. They might refer them to local resources for ongoing monitoring of the harassment situation and support.

It's a chance to make the world a better place one person at a time, to help one child finish school who might otherwise have dropped out. To help people feel powerful enough to avoid escalating the violence or attempting suicide. It's a way to make a real difference. To volunteer contact Heidi: or (206) 849-5513.


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