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Subject: IMPORTANT: thank you's to donors & belated October meeting minutes

Dear Safe Schools Coalition members and friends:

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to these individuals and families who have donated to the Safe Schools Coalition over the last several months:

Y'all rock!!!!

And to these wonderful agencies that have already renewed their membership in the Coalition for 2006:

Thank you for saving your partners in the Coalition from having to invoice or track you down.

OCTOBER MINUTES (November minutes will follow at a later date)
10/18/05, 4-6 p.m.
Chairing: Beth Reis; Recording: Airen Lydick

Present: Chris Johnson, King County Sexual Assault Resource Center; Frieda Takamura, Washington Education Association & SSC Co-Chair; Heather Murphy, SSC Intervention Specialist; Kristina Armenakis, SSC/LGBT Community Center and Justserve Americorps; Marsha Botzer, National Lesbian and Gay Task Force, Ingersoll Gender Center and SSC Co-Chair; Penny Palmer, individual; Sarah "Status" Carson, individual; Airen Lydick, LGBT Community Center; Kathy Kaminski, individual; Beth Reis, Public Health - Seattle & King County; Dr. Eddie Moore, Bush School

The meeting was convened at 4:01 p.m. by Beth Reis, the meeting's facilitator.

  1. NEW 3rd Co-Secretary
  2. Lisa Confehr and Chris Beahler are Co-Secretaries. Today, Kathy Kaminski volunteered to take on the role of 3rd Co-secretary, serving on the Leadership Team along with Co-Chairs Frieda Takamura, Marsha Botzer and Beth Reis. Thanks to Chris, Lisa and Kathy!

(2)     INTROS

(4)     FUNDRAISING/DEMOCRACY PROJECT COMMITTEE - Marsha/Kari, Frieda/Joyful, Beth, Kristina

Background:  We're doing fundraising now, since about a month ago we were on the verge of insolvency.  We're on a very small budget (miniscule among the "nationals"), about $20.000 cash flow, with about $150,000 in-kind donations.  We haven't had a grant in about five years.  (As an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff, we've not had volunteers or member agencies offer to grant write.)  This was going okay until this last year or so when Public Health King County started asking for money for a few hours of the staff time they contribute (most of Beth's position).  Also, for a year or so, we had to pay a contract person to manage the speakers bureau - not anymore since Kristina's Americorps position is paid by the Seattle LGBT Community Center.  Our excess has dwindled to next to nothing, so we're fundraising now.

a)      house party ... report, needs?
NEEDS:  smaller venues, smaller projects, more spaces
                bigger team working on this     
                someone to do invitations
                currently only two people on this team
               If you want to join, write Marsha at">

a)      RENEWALS:  Odyssey Youth Center (liaison: Ramon Alvarez, Laurel Kelly), School Nurse Organization of Washington (liaisons Mary Paradise, Samra Hoag, Sandy Polzhin) ... welcome back to both organizations!!

b)      NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS: none this month

(6)     SPEAKERS BUREAU - Kristina

a)      Maitri is stepping down after several years of amazing volunteer service. Thank you so much!! Kristina will be serving as solo speakers' bureau manager. Contact Kristina to schedule a speaker: (206) 324-0698,, or 

b)      We provided:
i)      training this week with National CASA Association

c)      We trained a bunch of energetic new speakers 9/25 - thank you Ingersoll for use of the space

a)      King County Sexual Assault Resource Center update

They agreed to be the new phone line, so Heidi and Beth went to do a training for the phone staffers for KCSARC.  But when SSC stared advertising the phone number as a way to reach SSC, the KCSARC marketing folks got concerned since their number, 1-888-VOICE, is "branded."   Since SCC has put lots of money into this, Heidi has been working with them.  Latest word is that SCC might be able to grab another of their numbers...though it makes SSC look a little flaky to change it, if they don't agree to give us a different toll free number through the same dispatchers longer than a year, it might be time for us to get our own number. Heidi would be willing to be the phone line, if that's necessary. The concern was expressed that it wouldn't be exactly a 24-hour live line again, as Heidi has to occasionally go to a movie and turn off her phone and it sounds like a good way to burn out a single volunteer. Beth agreed to talk with Mary Ellen Stone (E.D.) Beth and Heidi will report at the next meeting. What about buying our own 800 number that funnels to KCSARC? Beth will follow up with Heidi.


Exodus International (promising "freedom from homosexuality through Jesus") is coming into the area on October 27th.  Apparently, their registration is very small, since they've moved to an office for the meeting.  It will only be 10 people or so, but they're already working media.  Media's been contacting us for "the other side."  Robert, Beth, Judy Hoff, and others have been working on this.

See the planning committee and speakers list:  Italicized folks have been contacted by not prepped for media.  Bolded folks are prepped and ready to go.  People to the left are speaking at press conference. 

Beth can talk with folks about how to talk with the press.  If you want to talk with the press, connect with Beth to set up an hour or so prep session.  She got good info from GLAAD on how to do this.  Media advisory went out yesterday on Monday the 17th.  Additionally e-mails went out today.

a)      Update on press conference:
i)      11 a.m., 26-Oct, Plymouth Congregational Church, 1217 6th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101; 206-622-4865;;

ii)     Robert will be working with the site on table size/skirt, mikes,
iii)    Kathy K. is making name-tags
iv)     Beth is finishing press packets, following up press packet stuffing party.
v)      Kathy S. is working on prepping Daniel, Lisa, and Stephen
vi)     Beth will prep Sarah and maybe Darlene and Dave
vii)    We have an American flag
viii)   First press: "'Ex-gay' effort aimed at teens" - By Janet I. Tu, Seattle Times, 10/14/05  Link to the article and more at:

ix)     Others' input?

A couple of months ago, Beth did a Safe Schools training in BOISE.  A group of educators there wants to form a chapter of SSC.  She told them that SCC is very flexible about forming a chapter, but that the group must be comfortable with these three philosophical perspectives of the Coalition:
* Every student should feel safe, including LGBTQ and those with LGBTQ parents;
* We're partners with schools, not in opposition to them; and
* It's wrong to compare oppressions.

We'd want them to join the group by conference call for meetings as often as possible. They're going to look into it.


(12)     KOMO TELEVISION PSA - Via KOMO television's "Northwest Afternoon"
This was not discussed, since
Fetish and Joyful are not here to talk about it.
What it is:  Bring people to be in the audience, and you get a 30 second PSA on Northwest Afternoon. Tabled for a future meeting.


(14)     CONSULTATION - Beth
a)      Provided a little technical assistance re: enumerating forms of harassment in laws & policies to the MN School OUTreach Coalition.

b)      Provided a little technical assistance re: WA safe schools regs to Courtney Joslin at Nat. Center for Lesbian Rights

  1.  YOUR HELP NEEDED: Challenging Homophobia website
    Duncan thanks everyone for including this on the agenda.  Basically, Duncan has a website based on anti-homophobia training developed in San Francisco (see item #18 below).  It's based on a survey he did with BANGLE and educators in bay area.  He's looking to update it and wants volunteers to give input.  206-769-5335 is Duncan's number if anyone wants to be in touch to help with updates to this anti-homophobia training and survey work. Beth also asks Duncan to consider providing some technical assistance to SCC re: our website, too. Beth will hook up Gabi and Duncan.

Doris has been representing SSC on this
queer coalition helping to spend the state money (for higher-tobacco-addiction populations) on behalf of queer folks.  She will send info to SSC for November, in case there is a group that might want to apply for a grant; look at the different categories of grants and apply.  DORIS WILL SEND IT TO GABI.  This group meets once a month and talks about what the requirements.  It's coming around again, and she'll be sending it out.  Get in touch with Doris ( ) if you're interested and she'll hook you up with Erik of Verbena to get the info.



(18)     CHALLENGING HOMOPHOBIA: this web-based tool by Duncan Gibbs is for middle and high school teachers, staff, and providers. Users draw on their own experience and the information provided here to strengthen their skills for intervening against homophobia in the classroom. This interactive workshop takes you through a discussion of what constitutes prejudice and how it manifests against the Lesbian/ Gay/ Bisexual/ Transgender community. Exercises help you think through your own experience with homophobia and come up with personalized strategies for intervening against homophobia next time you encounter it.  Web site:

(19)    Revisions of all our well-loved "GUIDE TO..." publications are now on-line, with both national (U.S.) and Washington State versions now available for free downloading. Go to, click enter and then, on the bar on the left of your screen, click on print/read SSC reports ... and then on each separate category.   Beth just revised all of these this month.

(20)    7TH ANNUAL WHITE PRIVILEGE "YOUTH, A CALL TO ACTION" CONFERENCE:  April 26-29. Dr. Eddie Moore from Bush school asked folks to save the date. More about it at .  It will be held at the UNIV of MISSOURI in ST. Louis.  Eddie's working to let Seattle folks know more about the conference.  The conference will be a comprehensive look at issues of privilege and oppression.  Get it on your calendars, especially if your institution is looking to do some educational development.  You can also barter for a waived registration fee.  For more information or to volunteer, go to the website.   It will be good for professional development or student leadership development.  Contact Eddie to get the PDF file of the save the date poster or the save the date e-mail. 206.326.7731,

(21)     THE TURNING INSTITUTE does caregiver support; Doris brought a newsletter.
(22)    CREATING CHANGE still upcoming! Kristina will attend on behalf of Safe Schools Coalition (Marsha actually Co-Chairs both SSC and the Task Force, so she is a link as well, but will be busy with Task Force responsibilities at Creating Change).


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