Subject: strictly fyi :Safe Schools Coalition Meeting Minutes 10/16/07
From: Gabi Clayton
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 17:08:17 -0700

Dear Safe Schools Coalition members and friends:
Minutes 10/16/07, 3-5 p.m. PDT
Safe Schools Coalition Meeting
Chairing: Frieda Takamura; Recording: Beth Reis

Help needed requests in RED.
PRESENT: Margaret Gordon, Donna Freedman, Angeline Candido, Daphne Chu and Shannon Goodwin, University of Washington SIAH; Kari Lerum, UW faculty; Arnold Martin, Seattle Counseling Service; Helen Stillman, SSC Speakers’ Bureau Manager; Heather Murphy, school psychologist; Tyler Bosma; Marsha Botzer, SSC Co-Chair and Ingersoll Gender Center and the Task Force; Heather Carter, Suicide Youth Prevention Program; Frieda Takamura, SSC C-Chair and Washington Education Association; Beth Reis, SSC Co-Chair and Public Health – Seattle & King County, Aidan Key, Gender Spectrum Education and Training ; Penny Palmer, SSC Intervention Specialist and Co-Secretary
BY PHONE: Gabi Clayton, SSC Web Spinner and Families United Against Hate and PFLAG – Olympia
INTROS … welcome new faces/voices

a)      BACKGROUND: In 2006, the Seattle LGBT Community Center issued a Hate Crime Report authored by Kristina Armenakis and Ken Molsberry. It contained a number of recommendations, essentially calling for such things as increased police department staff time devoted to bias crimes, “a formal, centralized means for bias attack victims to report attacks outside of SPD” and audits to ensure that “crimes are being recorded and investigated as crimes rather than as incidents.” The police department has been stunningly unresponsive. For more background, see: and

b)       The Safe Schools Coalition decided unanimously to send letters to all Seattle City Council Members in support of the recommendations.

(2)     TRANS-INCLUSIVE ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) UPDATE
a)       BACKGROUND: For years, the LGBT community has been working to pass federal legislation that would include sexual orientation and gender identity under the umbrella of non-discrimination in employment. In recent weeks, some congress people proposed separating sexual orientation (protection for GLB people) and gender identity (T people) into separate bills ... essentially throwing trans people under the train in an effort to pass protections for GLB people. For more background see:

b)       SSC’s Leadership Team decided last week that SSC should sign on as supporters of the Seattle Inclusive-ENDA rally.

c)       For those who wish to make your voice heard, GenderPAC says, “Tell your representatives you support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (hr 3685) only if it includes gender identity protections! Call the capitol switchboard today and ask to be connected to your representative: 202-224-3121 or visit the U.S. House Of Representatives website “ COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere) says, “Your Representative needs to hear from you TODAY about your opposition to the flawed strategy of advancing a bill that leaves transgender people behind. Call your Representative right now at 202-224-3121, even if you have already called him/her already about this issue. Tell him/her to oppose advancing H.R. 3685, the bill that leaves transgender people behind. Tell him/her to push for a vote on H.R. 2015, the transgender-inclusive ENDA, instead.”

Talking points for Safe Schools Folks include:

- We have students with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender parents and guardians. Their families urgently need protection from employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
- School staff need protections, too, from discrimination due to stereotypes.
- Including gender identity in the bill not only provides a safety net for transgender people, but also boosts safety for gay, lesbian, and bisexual people who are often targeted based on their gender expression.
- The LGBT and allied community is united on this; we want to move forward, together, in one bill.
a)       BACKGROUND: Marsha reported that current WIAA rules exclude trans youth from high school sports for all practical purposes, by requiring such hoops to jump through that most youth would be out of school before they could satisfy the hoops.

b)       The Coalition decided unanimously to work in partnership with other groups that are working to support the rights of trans youth to play. For more info or to help, contact SSC Co-Chair, Marsha Botzer:
a)      We distributed Pride Scholarship application materials to those present.

b)      For more info, go to:
a)       Thank you to Lew Scheinert and Dave Green, Teri Tomatich, Robert Thoms, Karen Kulm, and Leticia Lopez for making it possible for the Coalition’s wonderful staff people, Justserve Americorps members Dream Woody and Ethan Blustein, to attend the Creating Change Conference.

b)       The Coalition is also extremely grateful to Kwanchai (a full service Design Firm who held a fundraiser recently where they collected for us a brand new file cabinet and hundreds of dollars in cash and office supplies.

c)       Our other recent fundraiser, Laugh OUT Loud, recently raised $295.43 was brought to you courtesy of the hysterical (volunteer) comedians at Non-Profit Comedy ( the Comedy Underground (

d)       Recent wonderfully generous individual donors have also included Sue Kirchofer, Pam Jensen, Charles Fay, Frieda Takamura, and Weston Milliken’s donor advised fund at the Liberty Hill Foundation.

e)       Thank you to everyone who voted for us in the Pride Foundation raffle-with-a-twist. We didn’t get quite as many votes as our member organization, Lambert House. But y’all did a great job of trying.

f)         You can join this illustrious crowd of donors who care about the work of the Coalition by clicking  here:
a)       Concert at the Kirkland Tenn Union Building ( to be headlined by Team Gina. Also on the bill are Ms. Led, Tennis Pro, and Ghosts & Liars. The date is set for Saturday, October 20th at 7:30pm. KTUB is located at 348 Kirkland Avenue, Kirkland WA 98003. It is an all-ages show, and the cost is $5 at the door. All of the money will be donated to LGBTQ organizations, with most of the money going to the Washington State GSA Network. Some will also go to the Lake Washington High School Gay-Straight Alliance. Some may also go to the Safe Schools Coalition.


a)       Welcome to recent subscribers from around US [AZ, CA, CT, CO, DC, MI, MN, NY, PA, SC & WA (Bellingham, Marysville, Olympia, Seattle, Shelton, Tacoma, Vancouver)].
a)       In September, we had 157,106 hits from 20,744 visitors.

b)       People in 109 countries made use of the web site in September, including visitors from places with few of their own LGBTQ youth resources, such as Guatemala, Fiji, Morocco, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda and Yemen.

c)       The June lesson planning guide history/LGBT_historyJune.pdf was STILL the most downloaded item, followed by “Why Don't You Tell Them I'm a Boy? Raising a Gender-Nonconforming Child” by Florence Dillon whydontyoutellthem.pdf, “Learning About Sexual Diversity at School ~ What Is Age Appropriate?” whatisageappropriate.pdf, by Beth Reis with C.J. Pascoe and ”Use Another Word” by Nancy Meltzoff UseAnotherWord.pdf.
a)       New org member applications: St. Vrain Valley School District, Ally Action. It was decided to welcome Ally Action as a new member and that we would table the St. Vrain School District decision until November’s meeting so that Frieda could do some research into their mission and its consistency with the Coalition’s.

b)       YOUR HELP NEEDED: See end of this message, to determine whether YOUR organization or agency has ever paid your 2007 dues. If not, please do what you can to bring your group up-to-date.
a)      Member organization, Human Rights Coalition, asked us to be included in a short film to show at their fundraising dinner about Washington State activism. HRC, however, has said that it will support an inclusive ENDA but will not oppose a GLB-only bill. Hence, we were concerned that to participate in the film might indicate support for that position ... for allowing some in the community protections at the expense of others. After serious discussion among the Leadership Team we agreed to participate, taking care to mention trans-inclusive policy and the needs of transgender students.
a)       We’ve done training recently for the Seattle University School of Education’s Counseling Program, Edmonds Community College, and for staff at Snohomish MS and HS, Pacific Cascade Freshman Campus in Issaquah, Vashon Island HS, Forks HS, and New Beginnings.

b)       We’ve tabled at the Seattle LGBT Film Festival and will soon be tabling at the Seattle Public Schools’ LGBT Families dinner and the Des Moines Police Department‘s Youth Summit.

c)       We have provided a number of youth panels recently in partnership with AFSC including one at the WA GSA Network’s recent GSA summit.

d)       We’ll be having a pumpkin painting party to thank youth panelists and facilitators for their work.
a)      MotherSON is a one-man play depicting a mother's journey out of the closet as the parent of gay child. Building Houses on the Moon, inspired by hundreds of real internet posts, tells the remarkable untold stories of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth in America. Both productions, starring Jeffrey Solomon, travel quite easily, are affordable and can be presented in a theater or adapted to more informal venues. They have been presented in the past for the National GLSEN Teaching Respect For All Conference, the 2004 Multicultural Conference at SUNY New Palz, the Philadelphia Public Schools Knock Out the Violence Conference and at high schools, universities and communities nationally and for Professional Staff Development in many school districts. They’ve been co-presented or sponsored by PFLAG chapters including the groups in Philadelphia, Columbus and Long Island.  More:

b)       If anyone is interested in hosting a performance as a fundraiser for your own member organization and SSC, please contact Beth:
a)       We granted permission to a graduate student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania to link to some of our publications and to translate some of our publications into Arabic, with the caveat that they be translated with consultation from their Kuwaiti partners, so that it is not necessarily word-for-word, but rather culturally meaningful. We may post the Arabic versions online. We need Arabic speakers, ideally native speakers, to volunteer to vet the results. Contact Beth:

b)       We provided consultation to a school adjustment counselor/guidance counselor at a Massachusetts middle school.

c)       Seattle Metropolitan Magazine is doing a story on schools for which a reporter sought our input.
a)       We have fielded some – and WEA has fielded a few more – concerns about our new posters ( though they seem to have died down after a week or two of emails and media coverage. Some community members have felt that they (especially the “Yeah, I’m Different!” poster) were inappropriate for elementary (in some cases, any) school. We disagree. Students as young as first grade and their parents have reported to us being bullied based on perceived sexual orientation or gender expression. These have included a number of physical and sexual assaults, not "just" name-calling. Our posters tell children that they are OK no matter what and give them a safe place to report and get help.

b)       If you or someone you work with is concerned that hanging a Safe Schools Coalition poster would spark conversations that you aren't sure your staff is ready to manage, the Coalition can provide staff development. If you or someone you work with is worried about the age-appropriateness of those conversations, even if they were managed skillfully by your staff, take a look at this handout: Page 1 suggests sexual diversity concepts appropriate to the elementary setting and page 4 correlates those concepts with health and social studies EALRs and benchmarks.
The Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (our dept of ed) is looking for panelists to review curricula submitted to them for teaching comprehensive sexual health education. The intent is to measure the degree of alignment of the curriculum materials with the State Guidelines.  The process will be the same as that used in this agency for reading and math.  They need teachers and educators with a strong background in curriculum alignment.  It is not a curriculum adoption process as is done in a local school district. Review will take place over a few days and panel members must attend all sessions:

Monday, December 3, 2007 --  5 p.m. to 9 p.m. --  Training/Review Begins
Tuesday, December 4, 2007 --  8 a.m. to 5 p.m. --  Review Materials
Wednesday, December 5, 2007 --  8 a.m. to 3 p.m. --  Review Materials
Thursday, January 3, 2008 --  8 a.m. to 3 p.m. --  Finalize Review

Panel members will be provided lodging, meals, and travel costs.  Substitute reimbursement will also be provided, if applicable, and clock hours will be available at no cost.  The attached application form lists the dates and times for the review.  The meeting will be held in the SeaTac area, site to be determined.  For more information or an application to serve on the panel, contact Pam Tollefsen, School Health Programs Coordinator, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, 360-725-6364,, TTY 360-664-3631.
a)       Penny and Ethan represented SSC at the University of Washington Q Center’s back-to-school event featuring David Kopay. Kopay was a Husky football star in his day and went on to an NFL career. He was the first major pro athlete to voluntarily come out publicly as gay in 1975. Recently retired, having played for the 49ers and the Green Bay Packers, among other teams, Kopay's coming out cost him a future in coaching. In 1977, he authored a NY Times best-selling autobiography, The David Kopay Story and he's been a vocal activist for gay rights ever since and has recently announced a $1 million donation to the Q Center at his alma mater, UW.

b)       Penny and Ethan spoke with him after the event and he was interested. They agreed to follow up with him about perhaps meeting with the Coalition after he moves to Seattle (soon).
a)       BACKGROUND: Currently, the State of Washington provides funds to school districts that are supposed to cover basic education. They fall way short. So local voters can pass levies to supplement that with local taxes to buy such necessities as text books, computers, teacher training and smaller class sizes. But it takes a super-majority of 60% to pass a school levy under the Washington State constitution. So that even if 59% of voters wanted to pay higher taxes in return for better schools, a levy vote would fail.

b)       On Nov 6 ballot, measure 4204 would allow a simple majority to approve local school levies. That’s 50% plus one vote. Supporters of the measure include SSC member org the Washington Education Association. More info:
a)       Recent interventions include one in Skagit County.

b)       Volunteers needed – retired or active educators and school administrators, especially! Contact Heidi:
a)       Dr. Heather Murphy recently completed a study of suicide risk among GLB College Youth (N=528 UW students). Among her findings: b)       For more information, contact Dr. Murphy directly:
(20)  UW STUDENTS’ BULLYING EDUCATION PROJECT “Youth, Conflict, & Creative Social Change”
Angeline Candido, junior, English and Communication
Daphne Chu, senior, Digital Arts/Experimental Media and Women Studies
Donna Freedman, junior, Comparative History of Ideas
Shannon Goodwin, senior, Community Environment & Planning
Margaret Gordon, senior, Vocal Performance and Anthropology
Mentor: Dr. Kari Lerum, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell

a)       ABSTRACT: In collaboration with the Safe Schools Coalition, our research team set out to investigate bullying in schools, particularly in middle and high school. We viewed existing anti-bullying programs, read professional research reports, and interviewed local experts. In addition to these standard research methods, we also engaged in reflexive research by discussing, evaluating, and reflecting on our own experiences with bullying. To hear from others who have experienced, witnessed or even perpetrated social conflict, we created an online survey and planned, publicized and conducted a focus group for youth and young adults. The focus group was also reflexive in that we simultaneously moderated, observed, and participated in the conversation. We concluded that bullying is a reflection and extension of the violence embedded in power structures. As a way of intervening in these power structures, we constructed a "toolkit" for youth and their allies with a variety of creative, interactive interventions.  We leave this project with a commitment to the importance of reflection and creativity, both as an innovative research method and as a process that enables progressive social change.

b)      RESOURCES: Check the Safe Schools Coalition’s listserve and web site over the next few weeks. We will post at least the curriculum and tool kit this team of students generated. We eventually hope to post their film, as well, as soon as they have exhausted the film festival circuit.
(21)  NEW ORGANIZATION: Washington Transgender Equality Project 
a)       A new collaborative effort has been launched to achieve equality for transgender Washingtonians. For more info or to get involved, contact Marsha Botzer:
a)       One office is available for $00/mo or less and another for $500/mo or less. Contact the Center’s new Executive Director, Dennis Poplin, for more info:
a)       The Youth Suicide Prevention Project has limited copies of a new ‘zine for teens. For a PDF version from which to make your own copies, contact Heather Carter:

b)       Frieda and Heather will talk about collaborating on a printing.
(24)  NEW AGENCY, Gender Spectrum Education and Training, OFFERS ONE-DAY WORKSHOP (Nov 3; Seattle)
a)       Aiden Key and Stephanie Brill have founded this agency ( to provide education, resources and training to help schools create a more gender sensitive and supportive environment for all children including gender variant and transgender youth. They implement an accessible, practical approach based on research and experience to enable their clients to gain a deeper understanding of gender variance. In a simple, straightforward manner, they help students, families, schools, and organizations understand and address the concepts of gender identity. They present an overview of how society currently defines gender, and how this restrictive definition can be detrimental to those who do not neatly fit into this rigid categorization. Contact Aiden for more information:

b)       They are offering a one-day comprehensive seminar in Seattle November 3rd. It is for counselors and therapists who work directly with teens and children who have or express some level of gender variance.  We also invite teachers, school administrators, social service providers, and others who wish to gain/increase their understanding of gender identity and the children who fit outside gender norms.  “Some of the questions we will address: We will explore topics such as: Presenter: Stephanie Brill has worked with dozens of families raising gender variant and transgender children and teens.  She founded the Children’s Hospital – Oakland support group for parents.  She is the co-founder of Gender Spectrum Education and Training and is the programming director of the annual Gender Odyssey Family Conference.  Stephanie has led gender equity and gender identity trainings for public and private schools, medical students, camp counselors, and more. 

Date: November 3rd, 2007
Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Location: Seattle Counseling Services*, 1216 Pine St,! Suite 300, Seattle
Price: $80 - $120 (sliding scale)
*SCS is wheelchair accessible

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. To register, please mail check or money order (made payable to Gender Odyssey) to 1122 E Pike St, #796, Seattle WA 98122.  For more information, to register by credit card, or to register at the door, please call Aidan Key at 206-853-9390.   

UPCOMING MEETINGS … contact the chair if you have agenda items to suggest or if you need instructions about attending (in person) or calling in (by conference call)

All are welcome- you do NOT need to be a Coalition member to attend.

Nov 20th, 3-5 pm, Pacific Time. Beth chairs and Dream records
Beth: 206-296-4970;

Dec 18th, 3-5 pm, Pacific Time. Marsha chairs and Ethan records
Marsha: 206-601-8942;

Jan 15th, 3-5 pm, Pacific Time. Frieda chairs and Dream records
Frieda: 253-765-7062;


Ask your organization to join or renew, online: or by fax or mail:

Is my organization a paying member of the Safe Schools Coalition?! These organizations are paid up members (dues and/or in-kind) for 2007*
Ally Action (CA; awaiting approval at Oct SSC mtg)
American Friends Service Committee
Anti-Defamation League
Diversity Productions
Families Against Hate
Gay & Gender Research (CA)
Gay Straight Alliance Network
Gender Public Advocacy Coalition
GLOBE (Snohomish County GLBTQ youth group)
GLSEN - Washington State
Greater Seattle Business Association
GroundSpark (formerly Women's Educational Media)
Human Rights Campaign
If You Don’t They Will
Ingersoll Gender Center
King County Sexual Assault Resource Center
Lake Washington Education Association
Lambert House
Lifelong AIDS Alliance
OASIS Youth Center/Pierce County AIDS Foundation (Tacoma)
Odyssey Youth Center (Spokane)
Olympia Community School
Oregon Safe Schools and Community Coalition
OSPI (The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington State)
Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG national)
Passages Northwest
Peninsula Pride Alliance (Port Townsend)
PFLAG - Bellevue
PFLAG - Olympia
PFLAG - Seattle
Planned Parenthood of Western Washington
Power of Hope (Bellingham)
Pride Foundation
Public Health - Seattle & King County
Puget Sound Community School
Rainbow Beach at the Center Project (SC)
Respect Sacramento (CA)
Safe Schools of Wyoming
Scouting for All
Seattle Counseling Service
Seattle LGBT Community Center
Seattle Public Schools
St. Vrain Valley School District (CO; awaiting approval at Oct SSC mtg)
Turning Institute
University of Puget Sound
University of Washington - Q Center
Vista Youth Center (Kennewick)
Washington Association of School Social Workers
Washington Education Association
Washington Gender Alliance
Washington State University’s Gender Identity/Expression & Sexual Orientation Resource Center
Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation
Youth Guardian Services
Youth Suicide Prevention Program
 * IMPORTANT: If you think you paid for '07 or have donated in-kind and should be considered up-to-date, and you aren't listed here, we apologize. Do let Beth know.
These folks, below, DID belong to the Coalition in the past, but have not paid dues for Jan 1-Dec 31, 2007 that we are aware of. If you can remedy that, PLEASE do:
Bainbridge Island School District's Multicultural Advisory Council
Benton/Franklin Council for Children
The Bush School Gay-Straight Alliance
Camp Ten Trees
Center for Human Services
Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health
Charles Wright Academy
Committee for Children
Comprehensive Health Education Foundation
Dai Wai Association
Evergreen Unitarian Universalist Fellowship - Social Action Committee
Gay Lesbian or Whatever (G.L.O.W.) at Lakeside School
Gay Parent Support Group (Honolulu)
GLSEN: The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (national office)
Hate Free Zone Washington
Home Alive
Idaho – Safe Schools Coalition
Kalaheo High School Gay Straight Alliance
Kitsap County Health District
Kitsap Safe Schools Network
Lake Washington Technical Academy in Lake WA Technical College
League of Women Voters of Washington
Lifespan Education Services
Mountain View High School GSA
Multifaith Alliance of Reconciling Communities
National Youth Advocacy Coalition (NYAC)
Norup School (Michigan)
Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation Social Justice Committee
PFLAG - Bellingham/NW Washington
PFLAG - Bremerton/Kitsap County
PFLAG - Ellensburg
PFLAG - Eugene/Springfield
PFLAG - Everett/Snohomish
PFLAG - North Olympic Peninsula
PFLAG - Spokane
PFLAG - Vancouver/SW Washington
PFLAG - Yakima/Yakima Valley
Planned Parenthood of Central Washington
Providence Sexual Assault Center (Everett)
Rainbow Center (Tacoma)
Rainbow Families of Puget Sound
Ravenna United Methodist Church
School Nurse Organization of Washington
Seattle Academy of Arts & Sciences
Seattle Black Pride Committee
Seattle Commission for Sexual Minorities
Seattle Education Association
Seattle Office for Civil Rights
Shorewood High School
Spokane Public Schools
Stonewall Youth
Teaching Tolerance (a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center)
Teen Line (Washington State)
Washington Association of Churches
Washington Education Association's GLBT and Allies Caucus
Washington Education Association's Women's Caucus
Yakima Education Association
Youth Eastside Services


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