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Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 11:54:28 -0800
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Dear Safe Schools Coalition members and friends:

Help needed requests are in RED
Next meeting 3 pm PST February 20

Minutes 12/19/06, 3-5 p.m. PDT

Safe Schools Coalition Meeting

Chairing: Marsha Botzer; Recording: Penny Palmer

  1. INTROS … welcome new faces/voices
  2. Attending: Marsha Botzer, Ingersoll Gender Center and The Task Force; Beth Reis, Public Health - Seattle & King County; Amber Whitcher & Lori Bundrock, Pierce County AIDS Foundation/OASIS; Penny Palmer

    Conference call: Judy Hoff - PFLAG National;  Danny Baker, GenderPAC
    Note: Sign in on the sign-in list only if it is safe and OK to have your attendance acknowledged to the listserve and on the web site. Not all subscribers and website visitors are members and friends of the Coalition; some are individuals and organizations researching what they fear is the Coalition’s “agenda.”

(2)     FISCAL 
a)      Laugh OUT Loud – It is tonight and a big thank you to Rachel, Beth and Tracy for the great media work and planning. Beth Reis will give a short welcome and thanks for coming, Frieda will sell buttons, t-shirts etc. and Tracy will handle the money.

b)      SAVE THE DATE for June 26, the next Laugh OUT Loud. Thanks to Non-Profit Comedy especially Yoram and Kellie
c)      HOUSE PARTY @ S.U. – no report yet
d)      Foundation update – Beth spoke with Jeff Houser at Raynier Foundation who was excited by the proposal and is going to present it to the board. They may choose to fund one or maybe even three or four of the SSC proposals. Thanks to Beth, Frieda and Penny for working up the proposal. More information will follow.

e)      Thank you’s – Please check the lists in addendum to make sure we don’t miss any contributors.
(3)     GPAC’s “50 UNDER 30” – Brittney
a)      The launch was well attended and exciting as several new organizations have signed on o be included.

(3)     MEMBERSHIP – Piper, Tad  
a)      Renewals for ’07 have been received already from:  Diversity Productions; Gender Public Advocacy Coalition (GPAC); King County Sexual Assault Resource Center; Lake Washington Education Association; Oasis Youth Center/Pierce County AIDS Foundation; Oregon Safe Schools and Community Coalition; Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG national) and PFLAG Olympia; Public Health - Seattle & King County; Safe Schools of Wyoming; Seattle Counseling Service for Sexual Minorities; Snohomish County GLOBE Youth Program; Verbena; Washington Education Association; Washington Gender Alliance – THANK YOU. Beth and Piper have and will send out reminders to groups who have not yet renewed and new groups who may like to join.

b)      RECIPROCAL membership – Seattle LGBT Community Center would like to trade memberships again this year with no $ changing hands. There was no objection to this trade and Marsha will fill out the forms.

(5)     INTERVENTION Heidi
a)      Heidi: Intervention team news
b)      HELP NEEDED: We still need on-call folks for Monday, as Chris Johnson can not continue his role as Intervention Specialist, also Saturday and Sunday still need coverage. More below at the end of the agenda! *

(6)     SPEAKERS BUREAU – Kristina
a)      No new report on recent  workshops & tabling
b)      No new report on upcoming workshop/tabling needs

  1.  HEALTHY YOUTH ALLIANCE & comprehensive sexual health education bill – Beth
  2. a) The latest draft language requires when you teach abstinence you must also teach prevention of disease and pregnancy. OSPI is going to survey districts to check for accuracy and the inclusion of these two articles in their materials. Lobby Day is ------

a)      Marsha will look into working on a fundraiser book reading with Elliot Bay Books. Ingersoll may also want to get involved. If anyone else is interested, please contact Beth:

  1. What’s the Matter with Henry? 
  2. This is a Children’s book about a three legged cat. The message is everyone can be loved. The author has volunteered to donate copies of the book to Safe Schools Coalition. The question regards the author’s not mentioning the partnership of the two women who own the cat in the book. Beth will explore alternatives or the possibility of multiple titles – hasn’t had time yet.

a)      Anyone up for actively soliciting syllabi inclusive of LGBT content from schools of education for the web site. Gabby could work up the web page. Marsha will work with Antioch. Other schools of education need to be contacted to see if they would be willing to submit their syllabi.

(10)     WEB SITE REPORT – Gabi
a)      Again this month, more than 146,000 hits from over 23,000 individuals. That amounts to more than 1.75 million hits each year from more than a quarter of a million people.

b)      We served over 50 countries again this month, with the highest percentage of users hailing from the U.S., followed by – in order of # of individuals -- Canada, China, the U.K., France, the Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, the Republic of Korea, South Africa, Italy, Sweden, Taiwan, India, Japan, Russian Federation, Mexico, Singapore, Romania, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Cote d'Ivoire, Brazil, Bermuda, Turkey, Israel, Malaysia, Indonesia, Greece, Thailand, Austria, Philippines, Ireland, Portugal, New Zealand, Belgium, Peru, Hong Kong, Iran, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Ghana, Egypt, Pakistan, Costa Rica.

(12)     Pierce County Aids Foundation has had a banner year with only a slight challenge from a member of the community. The council still voted 6 to 1 to support the group. However, on a sad and frustrating note, three of their youth were brutally beaten while walking home from the mall. It was listed as a robbery but that is questionable. All information is not in. Safe Schools will send cards to the three young men and also one to the police.

(13)     The approval of the minutes was deferred.
(14)     AIDS Day Lobby training in January. Date February 21. More info or to register:

(15)     SHOWING OF THE DOCUMENTARY DVD “QUEERSPAWN” was postponed until Jan.– Beth
More info: or, to order, send $20 (U.S.) to:

(16)    Ingersoll merged with LGBT Center to celebrate. 26 organizations were involved and it was a wonderful meeting. Contact Marsha for more information.

UPCOMING MEETINGS … contact the chair if you have agenda items to suggest or if you need instructions about attending (in person) or calling in (by conference call)

All are welcome- you do NOT need to be a Coalition member to attend.

January – cancelled due to weather

Feb 20, 3-5 pm. Beth chairs and Chris records
Beth: 206-296-4970 
Chris: 206-723-1818
We will show “Queerspawn”

Mar 20, 3-5 pm. Marsha chairs and Penny records
Marsha: 206-601-8942
Penny: 425-487-2813;
We will show NCLR’s DVD “Breaking the Silence: LGBTQ Foster Youth Tell Their Stories”

April 17, 3-5 pm. Frieda chairs and Kathy records
Frieda: 253-765-7062;
Kathy: 206-767-0760, 847-421-7009;

* HELP NEEDED: Intervention volunteers should be Washington residents [Intervention is the one service of the Coalition that is limited geographically – all other services are available anywhere] with a background in education or social services (retired or currently working); people of color, transgender individuals and gender queer individuals are encouraged to apply.

The Intervention Team responds to crisis requests from students, family members and educators experiencing anti-LGBT harassment or violence at school. An Intervention Specialist will listen and problem solve and then might, for instance, meet with someone's principal or superintendent with the caller or for them. They might help them come out to their family so they can talk with them about the bullying. They might sit with a student while they made a police report if they were afraid to do that alone. They might refer them to local resources for ongoing monitoring of the harassment situation and support.

It's a chance to make the world a better place one person at a time, to help one child finish school who might otherwise have dropped out. To help people feel powerful enough to avoid escalating the violence or attempting suicide. It's a way to make a real difference. To volunteer contact Heidi or (206) 849-5513.

** Thank yous
Thank you to these incredibly generous 2006 donors:
Kathy Pearson,
Sue Ablas,
Cynthia Adams,
Eve Adams,
Roberta Adams,
Sue Anderson,
Glenn Bafia,
Linda & Tom Baker,
Lisa Beaulaurier,
Aimee Bittinger,
Janet Bogle,
Richard Borkowski,
Carol Brandt,
Neva (Dail) Bridges,
Rosemary Brodie,
Norman Brown,
Britta Butler-Wall,
Marilyn Cass,
Madeline Clyne,
Laurie Cogan,
Amelia Conover,
Tiffany DeVoy,
Dean Dickinson,
Bill Dubay & John Reitberger,
Cris F. Elkins,
Jeff Erickson,
Tracy Flynn & Sheri Simonsen,
Joyful Freeman,
Arnold and Betty Freund,
Ralph Gorin,
Jan Goodman,
Jane Gutting & Terry Martin,
Robert Hardie,
Gretchen Harmon,
Karen Hartfield & Hubbard Benedict,
Lora Hein,
Mark Houser,
Lola Jacobsen,
Pamela Jenson,
Dr. Kent Johnson,
Kathy Kaminski,
Gina Kavesh & Barry Roitblat,
Susan Kirchofer & Mary Strouser,
Jackee Knudson,
Jason Kuo,
Ted & Joyce Liljeholm,
Susan Lingle,
Sarah Luthens,
Catriona Mackay,
Lillian Marino,
Marcie Mathis,
Mike McCloskey,
Caroline McDowell,
Keith McIntyre,
Rick McKinnon,
Mona Mendoza,
John Mifsud,
Ken Molsberry,
Heidi Montoya,
Mary Mullen,
Bert Noia,
Tom Page,
Mary Paradise,
Jamie Pederson,
Matias Pelenur,
Anthony Petrarca,
James Potter &   James Carroll,
Terry Rhines,
Jennifer St. Pierre,
Mark Scanlon-Green,
Susan Segall &   James Dooley,
Lew Scheinert &   Dave Green,
Patrick Schommer,
Mary and Roy  Sebring,
Beverly Sims,
Barbara Steele &   Beth Reis,
Jonathan Su,
Frieda Takamura & Matt Bernstein,
Joann Williams,
Cynthia Turpin,
Jill Van Glubt,
Joe Varano,
Melissa Vasquez,
Alfred Vernacchio Jr & Michael Sheadel,
Robyn & Emery Walters,
Marcus Waterbury & Jacqueline White,
Moose Wesler,
Kimberly Wilson,
Jacqueline White,
Lynn Winnemore & Paul Witt,
Helen Wise,
Sara Woolverton,
Sarah Young
plus those dear folks who needed to donate anonymously
Who did I miss? Misspellings?

Thank you to these totally awesome 2006 volunteers!
Missy Keeney Baker,
Linda Baker,
Tom Baker,
Chris Beahler,
Janet Bogle,
John M. Brett,
Doris Brevoort,
Tad Buhman,
Jamie Bullins,
Debbie Carlsen,
Carl Clausen,
Alec Clayton,
Gabi Clayton,
Eric Cochran,
Elizabeth DeVilleneuve,
Amy Durning,
Tracy Flynn,
Jim Fotter,
Hanna Fredeen,
Joyful Freeman,
Linda Gasparovic,
Matthew Goldberg,
Dodie Haight,
Meg Higgins,
Chris Johnson,
Kathy Kaminski,
Kari Kesler,
Greg Kilpatrick,
Marcie Mathis,
Kate Meals,
Sharon Mentka,
Justin Mitzlaff,
Ken Molsberry,
Heather Murphy,
Dylan Orr,
Penny Palmer,
Heidi Rettke-Bischoff,
Robert Raketty,
Gil Rich,
Jennifer St. Pierre,
Piper Sangston,
Tully Satre,
Stephen Schlott,
Sheri Simonsen,
Rachel Smith-Mosel,
Cindy Sousa,
Kaden Sullivan,
Sarah Talbot,
Jennifer Tetler,
Joy Waranyuwat,
Amber Whitcher,
Randy Wiger,
Jessica Zinda Who did I miss? Misspellings? (Should Judy Huff be included?)

Thank you to these agencies and organizations that have made significant contributions this year, beyond dues:
American Friends Service Committee (thank you, especially, Joyful & Gabriel),
Comedy Underground,
Greater Seattle Business Association (thank you, especially, John & Louise),
Home Alive,
Ingersoll Gender Center,
Julia's Restaurant,
King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (thank you, especially, Chris and the entire hotline staff),
Lifelong AIDS Alliance (thank you, especially, Paul),
Longview United Methodist Church,
Mad Pizza (thank you, especially, Mike),
Noah’s Bagels,
Non-Profit Comedy (thank you, especially, Yoram & Kelli),
Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians & Gays - PFLAG national and PFLAG Bellevue; (thank you, especially, Judy & Ariel),

Partners in Design (thank you, especially, Stephen & Sharon),
Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Washington & Planned Parenthood of Western Washington (thank you, especially, Carol),
Pride Foundation (thank you, especially, David),
Public Health - Seattle & King County (thank you, especially, Beth & Kari),
Puget Sound Community School (thank you, especially, Nic),
Seattle Public Schools (thank you, especially, Lisa & Pamela),
Turning Institute (thank you, especially, Doris),
Washington Association of School Social Workers (thank you, especially, Piper & Tad),
Washington Education Association (thank you, especially, Frieda, Jerry & Paige),
Youth Guardian Services (thank you, especially, Jason) Who did I miss? Misspellings?

Thank you to the Coalition’s member organizations – without whom the Coalition truly would not have existed!!!  Those who joined or renewed after 9/1/06 will be counted as members through ’07 and they, along with those who have already renewed for ’07, are bolded (PFLAG was granted 2007 renewal as their fiscal year ends in Sept.)

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC);
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL); *
The Bush School Gay-Straight Alliance;
Charles Wright Academy;
Comprehensive Health Education Foundation;
Diversity Productions;
Gay Parent Support Group (in Honolulu);
Gender Public Advocacy Coalition (GPAC);
GLSEN: The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (national office);
Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA);
GSA Network (CA);**
Hate Free Zone Washington;
Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation;
Idaho – Safe Schools Coalition;
If You Don’t They Will;
Ingersoll Gender Center;
Kalaheo High School Gay Straight Alliance (in Hawaii);
King County Sexual Assault Resource Center;
Kitsap County Health District;
Kitsap Safe Schools Network;
Lake Washington Education Association;
Lake Washington Technical Academy in Lake WA Technical College;
Lambert House;
Lifelong AIDS Alliance;
Multifaith Alliance of Reconciling Communities;
National Youth Advocacy Coalition (NYAC);
Norup School (in Michigan);
Oasis Youth Center/Pierce County AIDS Foundation;
Odyssey Youth Center;
Oregon Safe Schools and Community Coalition;
OSPI: The Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (Washington State’s department of education);

Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG national) and five local chapters: Bellevue, Everett/Snohomish, Olympia, Seattle, Yakima/Yakima Valley;

Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Washington;
Power of Hope;
Pride Foundation;
Public Health - Seattle & King County;
Rainbow Families of Puget Sound;
Religious Coalition for Equality; *
Respect Sacramento;
Safe Schools of Wyoming;
School Nurse Organization of Washington;
Scouting for All;
Seattle Academy of Arts & Sciences;
Seattle Black Pride Committee;
Seattle Counseling Service for Sexual Minorities;
Seattle Education Association;
Seattle LGBT Community Center;
Shorewood High School;
Snohomish County GLOBE Youth Program;
Spokane Public Schools;
Stonewall Youth;
Teaching Tolerance (a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center);
Turning Institute;
University of Puget Sound - Multicultural Student Services;
University of Washington--Q Center;**
Washington Association of Churches;
Washington Association of School Social Workers;
Washington Education Association and its Women's Caucus;
Washington Gender Alliance;
Washington State University's Gender Identity/ Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center;
Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation;
Women’s Educational Media;
Youth Guardian Services

* has promised to join, but the paperwork hasn’t been received yet.
** has applied to join, will be voted on at Feb 20 mtg

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