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Dear Safe Schools Coalition members and friends:

HELP NEEDED requests in RED, for those reading this in rich text. Otherwise, see items 1, 5, 7-10, 12-15 & 21.

Minutes 8/16/05, 2-4 p.m.
Safe Schools Coalition Meeting
Chairing: Frieda Takamura; Recording: Kari Kesler
Present:  Frieda Takamura- Washington Education Association, Mona Mendoza- Seattle Ed. Association & WEA's GLB & Allies Caucus, Robert Raketty- GLSEN Puget Sound & Scouting for All, Beth Reis- Public Health Seattle & King County, Cresdan Maite- SSC Speakers Bureau Manager, Gabriel, Fetish & Dana- American Friends Service Committee, Kari Kesler- Public Health Seattle & King County, Marsha Botzer- Ingersoll Gender Center, Justin- Teacher, Kathy Kaminski, Judy Hoff- National PFLAG; Piper Sangston- Washington Association of School Social Workers & membership co-chair; Tad Buhman- membership co-chair; Ken Lewis; Heidi Rettke-Bischoff- intervention chair

  1. YOUR HELP NEEDED: We need a 3rd Co-Secretary  - starting today - Chana's stepping down. As did Mona. If you can volunteer to take minutes 4 times a year, please contact Beth.

    Note: Sign in on the sign-in list only if it is safe and OK to have your attendance acknowledged to the listserve and on the web site. Not all subscribers and website visitors are members and friends of the Coalition; some are individuals and organizations researching what they fear is the Coalition's "agenda."

(3)     MEMBERSHIP  - Piper and Tad

a)      RENEWALS:  Planned Parenthood Public Policy Network of WA, Washington Education Association, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Lambert House, King County Sexual Assault Resource Center, Turning Institute

b)      NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS: Kitsap Safe Schools Network, Teaching Tolerance (Southern Poverty Law Center). Both approved - we are honored to have both as our members.

c)      Piper has also been updating our list of subscribers who receive paper minutes. Currently only Open Door Ministries and Fellowship of Reconciliation.

  1. Copyright permission news - Beth

    We granted copyright permission to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center to photocopy and burn to a CD rom the beginning pages of They Don't Even Know Me (through the executive summary) with the understanding they would encourage those to whom they send that much to download or purchase the whole document from us.

  2. JustServe Americorps member/volunteer - Kari, Shannon

    Kristina Armenakis is our new Justserve Americorps member. Those of us who interviewed her were totally excited to have her on board. She'll be taking over responsibility from Cresdan for managing the speakers bureau, organizing training of new speakers, providing on-going supervision and support to speakers as they generate and provide workshops, and collaborating with Maitri on scheduling. She'll be recruiting new intervention specialists and developing an intervention marketing campaign. She'll be working with Seattle LGBT Community Center to gather existing hate crimes and harassment data and possibly to collect new data and to analyze it and put it into forms that can be of use in grant-writing and public education. And she will do some fund-raising. She starts orientation with Justserve Americorps Sept 6 and starts actually working (housed at Seattle LGBT Community Center) on Sept 15. She will be giving SSC and the Seattle LGBT Community Center a total of 1,700 hours in return for a small stipend (not living wage) between then and July 31, 2006. Please make sure she feels totally appreciated for that. Kari and Shannon will be supervising her ... along with her legal, official supervisor at FPA, Tera Oglesby.

(6)     Speakers Bureau - Cresdan, Kari

a)      First phase of project completed - volunteer list is updated and current info on all volunteers gathered.
b)      Second phase of project beginning - organizing a speakers bureau Training-of Trainers. Look for more info soon.

(7)     Intervention Services - Heidi, Chris

a)      Progress re: telephone dispatch situation ... King County Sexual Assault Resource Center has agreed to house our intervention line. Yea and a big thank you to KCSARC! This toll-free number can be accessed throughout WA. The resource line advocates will be trained in September and will begin taking calls  on September 23rd. The new phone number will be 1-888-99-VOICE (1-888-99-86423). Please print this new number on a sticker and place it on any current SSC All Families Welcome  posters you are displaying.

b)      Recent interventions - Currently working with a parent in Tacoma who would like to take proactive measures at his child's new school to ensure it is a welcoming environment

(8)     AIDS Walk, King County - Aliya, Anna (not present)

(9)     KOMO television PSA - Fetish, Joyful

(10)    DECISION ABOUT how to respond to "Groundswell" - Robert, Wendy

  1. Need resource reviewer-  Beth

    Building the Respectful School by Martin Fleming of - Mona agreed to review

(12)    Books for a Change @ Elliot Bay Books - Beth

(13)    New brochure committee - Beth

(14)    Fundraising/Democracy Project committee -- Beth

(15)    Back-to-school donations

(16)    Decision about meeting space

(17)    Pride Foundation question - Beth

(18)    Anti-Harassment trainings at Meany Middle School - Mona

(19)    Info item from Yakima - Ken

(20)    Pink Fist Brigade - Fetish

(21)    Upcoming meetings

SHARING -- all

(22)    The Other Side of the Closet  script for a powerful 7-actor play about teen tolerance now available to schools from Youth Aware at the New Conservatory Theatre. Contact Sara Staley, or 415-861-4914.

(23)    Equality Ride, a 7-week bus tour of 25-30 young adults to take place spring '06 to confront 7 religious and/or military colleges that ban enrollment of GLBT students. More info:

(24)    Safe Zone cards from Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes reads: "This is a safe place to be yourself. By displaying this postcard, I commit to being an understanding, supportive, and trustworthy resource person for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning people. If you need someone to talk about sexual orientation or gender identity, please stop in!" More info: or 607-216-0021


Homophobia and Sexual Violence presentation BY Kari Kesler, Public Health - Seattle & King County. More info:


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