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The Safe School Coalition Research Project collected 111 stories of anti-gay harassment and violence in elementary, middle and high schools. Those who reported the stories included students, parents, and school employees. All 111 incidents happened in the 1990's on school property, on the way to or from school, or at a school-sponsored event, such as a dance. Also included in this story collection are 6 stories collected NOT as part of the study, but collected subsequently to round out the picture with examples of other forms of bias-based bullying in schools (racial, religious, disability-based, etc.) They have not been cleaned up, so be prepared. Some involve ugly name-calling. Some include beatings and rapes. Two involve completed suicides.

If you want to know more about the research see: 
(pdf format)

All of the stories are on and each incident has a number assigned to it. This is a large file (171K) and it will open from that link to a separate browser window. In order to help you find specific things you may be looking for, see this guide below:


CATEGORIES (of offense)

OUTCOMES (the most severe only)

LOCATIONS (of incident &/or surrounding events)



Other Examples of Bias-Based Harassment (not from our research, but collected subsequently -- based on religious, racial and other kinds of bigotry): 112-117


* "harming" includes: blaming, rejecting, minimizing, offending/harassing (includes failure-to-protect and/or doing-too-little only when they obviously knew and their omission was grievous)

** "helping" includes: supporting the target, stopping the abuse, and/or disciplining the offender

"other school employees" are teachers, bus drivers, secretaries, counselors, social workers, teachers' aides, security guards, etc.

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