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Workshop/Training Tools:

School Employee Needs Assessment - LGBT Issues In Schools - A useful planning tool for helping a school district employees prioritize what they want to accomplish in a continuing ed workshop. (pdf format)

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Schools: Assess Staff Training Needs (pdf format)

Speakers Bureau 2002 - all 47 slides and notes (PowerPoint ppt format - this is a large file - about 900 KB) 

Bullying Law - 3 slides and notes added in July 2003 (PowerPoint ppt format)

  • Bullying Law  (pdf format - 734 KB)

  • See more information about the bullying policy and laws here.

The Story Cards  (pdf format)

Category X stories ... other malicious harassment  (pdf format)

Basic SSC contact information (with new phone number) for overhead on a single page for handout  (pdf format)

Basic SSC contact information  (with new phone number) 2-up on a page for smaller handout  (pdf format)

SSC_simple-overview2005  (PowerPoint ppt format - 9 pages)

ssp06-1.ppt (PowerPoint ppt format - pages 1-10)

ssp06-2.ppt (PowerPoint ppt format - pages 11-20)

Handouts and Other Information:

Training and Continuing Ed Resources

4-H State Leaders Readiness to Support Lesbian and Gay Youth-Assessing Leaders' Lesbian and Gay Knowledge, Homophobic Attitudes, and Best Practice Implementation:  author: Jeff R.Soder; Degree: Doctor of Philosophy, Ohio State University, Human and Community Resource Development, 2009. Or as a pdf file (pdf file)

This study builds upon Cooperative Extension's diversity efforts by considering 4-H state leaders' readiness to support lesbian and gay youth. Forty-seven (64%) of the 74 addressees on a national list of 4-H state leaders responded to a questionnaire on leaders' knowledge of lesbians and gays, homophobic attitudes, and practices regarding lesbian and gay youth.

Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case That Made History: 40 min. film. It tells the story of Jamie Nabozny, the first gay young person ever to sue his school district for not protecting him from years of anti-gay violence at school. He won the case against 3 individual school administrators and settled for nearly $1 million. The film humanizes Jamie through his warm, genuine explanation of his childhood. It features him, having grown into a confident man and an eloquent speaker, addressing a student body. It uses a combination of interviews and reenactment to make crystal clear what happened to Jamie at the hands of his peers and the callous responses of his schools' administrators. It shows various strategies Jamie tried in order to survive, along with the efforts of his parents and some of his teachers to act as allies. The courtroom drama segment -- based on actual transcripts -- is an amazing training tool for the continuing education of educators. Every faculty meeting across the country needs to set aside time to show Bullied. And every student body needs an assembly and small group discussions about the film and about all forms of bias-based bullying. It will change norms and offer hope to young people who have been the targets of bullying. As one of his teachers says in the film, "One brave young man ...stood up for millions of others." Jamie changed his school district and other schools all over the country. Jamie himself closes the film by saying to the camera, "If I can do that, anyone can do that." For more info about the film and to order your free copy, go to the website.

Challenging Homophobia: this tool by Duncan Gibbs is for middle and high school teachers, staff, and providers. Users draw on their own experience and the information provided here to strengthen their skills for intervening against homophobia in the classroom. This interactive workshop takes you through a discussion of what constitutes prejudice and how it manifests against the Lesbian/ Gay/ Bisexual/ Transgender community. Exercises help you think through your own experience with homophobia and come up with personalized strategies for intervening against homophobia next time you encounter it. ... Adult

Classroom Resources for Teachers and Curriculum Specialists: more resources on the Safe Schools Coalition website (books, curricula, websites, and music).

De Colores: Lesbian and Gay Latinos' Stories of Strength, Family and Love: 28-minute bilingual documentary about how Latino families are replacing the deep roots of homophobia with the even deeper roots of love and tolerance. There is a streaming version available online. DVD copies: $19.95 individual/nonprofit; $150 educational; $200 corporate. Woman Vision; 3570 Clay St, San Francisco, CA 94118; Phone: 415-921-5687; Email:

The Early Faces of Violence: From Schoolyard Bullying and Ridicule to Sexual Harassment: a seven-part, legally-based video education program for pre-kindergarten through 6th grade students, parents, and educators. Particularly good is the very clear, concise, video for principals and other administrative folks, featuring the school attorney who founded the program. McGrath Systems, Inc., 3905 State Street, #7, PMB 211, Santa Barbara, CA  93105; Phone: 805-882-1212 

Ending Anti-Gay Bias in Schools: training-of-trainers manual - 2001, GLSEN. The manual includes an agenda for conducting your own two-day TOT and comes complete with detailed instructions, handouts and surveys. The training is designed in conjunction with the GLSEN Lunchbox, but offers a variety of strategies and resources that can be adapted to fit any training program. GLSEN's TOT manual is a must for community activists interested in expanding their local network of trainers and developing ongoing training initiatives in their communities. Price: $49.99. Phone: 1-800-247-6553. ... Adult

The GLSEN Lunchbox: A Comprehensive Training Program for Ending Anti-Gay Bias in Schools: A comprehensive training program - 2000, GLSEN. It offers a menu of exercises and activities aimed at providing educators with the background knowledge, skills and tools necessary to build awareness of LGBT issues and develop more inclusive school environments. Price: $129.95. Phone: 1-800-247-6553. ... Adult

Guidelines for Identifying Bias in Curriculum and Materials: from the Safe Schools Coalition. This two sided poster/handout looks at stereotypes, language, omission, exclusion and perspective.

Guide to Leading Introductory Workshops on Homophobia: 46 page manual, from the Campaign to End Homophobia. Includes background information, techniques, and activities so that someone with little experience as a facilitator can successfully lead introductory workshops on homophobia. The content focuses on homophobia as a form of oppression. Campaign to End Homophobia, P.O. Box 382401, Cambridge, MA 02238-2401; Email:  

Identity/Expression Activity: learning what it feels like to hide who you are: by Caroline Gould adapted from various sources and used by the Massachusetts Department of Education's Safe Schools Program for Gay and Lesbian Students.(pdf format)

Internalized Homophobia/Transphobia ...Homophilia/Transphilia: A Model: By Beth Reis, © 1990, revised 2008, with gratitude to professor Dorothy Riddle, Ph.D., on whose model for heterosexuals' experience of homophobia this is based ( A description of the eight stages: Repulsion, Pity, Tolerance, Acceptance, Solidarity, Admiration, Appreciation, and Celebration. (pdf format)

It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School: 78 min. video with viewing guide; 37 min version for training events also available, Spanish subtitled version available, all versions closed-captioned. 1996, Women's Educational Media. Award-winning documentary is a must-see for parents and educators of young children. It shows real teachers addressing gay stereotypes, two-mom families, etc. in age-appropriate ways in elementary and middle school classrooms. Phone: 415-641-4616; GroundSpark (formerly Women's Educational Media) . Institutional orders through New Day Films, 22D Hollywood Ave, Hohokus, NJ 07423; Phone: 1-888-367-9154, Email: ... Adult

The It's Elementary DVD contains the full-length version of the film, a 37 minute educational training version and a PDF file of the new, 136 page It's Elementary guide to community organizing, professional development, and K-8 curriculum. The DVD also includes the documentary: It's STILL Elementary, which follows up with some of the students and teachers we interviewed in It's Elementary ten years later.

NOTE: When Safe Schools Coalition supporters who purchase It's Elementary, use the partner promotional code, N3GC28, the Coalition will get a much needed 10% rebate. We appreciate your donating to us in this painless way.

Suggestions On Keeping Classroom Debates About Civil Marriage Civil: a handout by Beth Reis of Public Health - Seattle & King County, co-chair of Safe Schools Coalition. Suggestions for setting ground rules and structuring the debate. (pdf format)   

Lesbian Teenagers in High School: 23 minute video features interviews with a racially diverse group of lesbian young women ages 15-19 as well as a teacher who advises a Gay-Straight Alliance. They discuss hurtful and supportive experiences with teachers and fellow students. They touch upon issues specific to African-American young women. The film is simple and powerful. Teens should see it as well as teachers, counselors, and other school employees. OutLoud Films, PO Box 20121, Cincinnati, OH 45220; Phone: 513-257-7865; Email: ... High School-Adult

National S.E.E.D. Project on Inclusive Curriculum (Seeking Educational Equity & Diversity): a staff-development equity project for educators establishes teacher-led, faculty-centered faculty development seminars in public and private schools throughout the U.S. and in English-speaking international schools. A week-long SEED Summer Leaders' Workshop prepares school teachers (usually one or two in a building or district) to hold year-long reading groups with other teachers to discuss making school curricula more gender-fair and multiculturally equitable [inclusive of LGBTQ cultures] in all subject areas.

Not Round Here: Affirming Diversity, Challenging Homophobia ~ a Rural Service Providers Training Manual: This rich, well-written trainers' manual by Kenton Penley Miller & Mahamati of Outlink, a project of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (Australia), is available free, in pdf form, at:   [© Copyright Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission 2000. Anyone may copy, extract from or quote from the kit without any obligation to seek the Commission's permission or acknowledge the Commission - as long as the source of the training is acknowledged.] (pdf format)

Our Faces: We'd love to show you our faces, they're just like yours: 22 min. video with a 5 min. addendum for professional audiences - 2000. Educational video looks at the lives, trials, and joys of GBLT youth, adults, and their families, through their own eyes. Excellent alternative when a panel is not available. Email: ... Middle School - Adult  

Respecting the Rights of GLBTQ Youth, A Responsibility of Youth-Serving Professionals: This entire issue of Advocates for Youth's journal Transitions (Vol. 14 June 2002) is worth reading. The contents include: 3Rs & GLBTQ Youth, Latino YMSM, Stressors for GLBTQ Youth, Transgender Youth, Harassment in School, Serving HIV-Positive Youth, Youth Activism, Coming Out?, Creating Inclusive Programs, Emergency Contraception, Abstinence-Only Education, Bill of Rights, and GLBTQ Youth of Color. (pdf format) Or, for html, go here.

Safe Schools Public Service Announcements: One videotape containing three emotionally powerful 30-second Emmy-nominated pieces - Safe Schools Coalition of Washington. Useful for capturing an audience with the sobriety of the subject in the beginning of a continuing education workshop. Safe Schools Coalitions in other parts of the country are invited to insert their local contact number, in place of ours, at the end. Available free on ordinary videotape (for broadcast quality tapes in other formats, there is a charge). Phone: 206-252-0982; Email: ... Adult

Speaking For Ourselves: Portraits of Gay and Lesbian Youth: 27 min. video - Puts an ethnically diverse and wonderfully human face on the issue, through the stories (in their own words) of sexual minority youth from Washington State. Includes some of their parents' perspectives. Diversity Productions, 124 Crestmont Drive, Oakland, CA 94619; Phone: 510-842-8586. Print an order form to mail with your check: here (pdf format). ... Middle School - Adult 

Tools For Caring: 17 minute video - 2000, Mary-Helen Mautner Project for Lesbians with Cancer. School nurses - and every other health care provider - should see this video. Contains discussions with physicians and interviews with a diverse group of lesbians describing their experiences with barriers to accessing health care services. Easy to understand its implications beyond cancer and beyond lesbians. $25.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling. For ordering information, contact: Mary Helen Mautner Project for Lesbians with Cancer; 1707 L Street, Ste 230; Washington, DC 20036; Phone: (202) 332-5536; Email:  ... Nurses and Clinic Staff 

We Are ... GBLTQ - a 42 minute DVD that was produced by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services Children's Administration, the Washington State Department of Information Services, and director/Project Coordinator, Evonne Hedgepeth, Ph.D. - Lifespan Education, (Phone / Fax: 360-352-9980, who is available to consult (curricula writing, trainings, program design, etc.) and may be available to speak with the film at training events and conferences around the country. This is easily the BEST video about LGBTQ youth in recent memory. It's about LGBTQ youth in foster care, featuring the wonderfully articulate, diverse voices of a dozen or so LGBTQ current and former foster kids, with guest appearances by some adult experts. It's an excellent training tool intended for case workers, foster parents and others serving out-of-home youth, but absolutely great too for school counselors, nurses, social workers, teachers, physicians, parents - any adult who cares about youth - and for any youth in the child welfare system. Order free copies while they last from Carolyn Jones, Professional Development Unit, Children's Administration, Department of Social & Health Services, MS 45710, Olympia, WA 98502; Tel. 360-902-0215; Fax. 360-7588; Email. or Marianne K. Ozmun at - 360-902-7928. The We Are ... GBLTQ video and an accompanying discussion guide are both available online at the Foster Parent website. They are linked near the bottom in the list on the page. The discussion guide is here (pdf format). You can watch the 42 minute film "We Are ... GLBTQ" online here.

A World of Difference: training and curriculum about prejudice from the Anti-Defamation League. A national network of trainers can train your staff and students, but note that some World of Difference trainers address homophobia (at least at your request) and some do not. Interview your training team, before agreeing to organize or attend a workshop. Phone: 212-885-7700. ... Grades K-12 and Educators

Youth Suicide Prevention Program: Training is available that focuses on GLBTQ youth and the issues they face. These trainings are for service providers that want more information about suicide prevention and early intervention, more information on why GLBTQ youth are at an increased risk for suicide and self harm, and how they can best support these youth to increase their protective factors against suicide and self harm. YSPP envisions Washington as a state where youth suicide is a rare event, where young people are nurtured and supported, where individuals and families are aware of risk factors for suicide, and actively seek help from accessible, effective community resources. To that end, they focus on public awareness, training, and communities in action. Address: 444 NE Ravenna Blvd., #401, Seattle, WA 98115; Phone: (206) 297-5922; Fax: (206) 297-0818; General email:

Zero Indifference: A How-to Guide to Ending Name-Calling in Schools: This very thorough handout for use in trainings with education professionals is now available on GLSEN's website in html format or in pdf format here. (14 pages). (pdf format)


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